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    On the John Boy & Billy radio show there is a guy that really messes with the telemarketers. He can come up with some funny stuff real quick, usually he makes them mad or embarrasses them so much they hang up...............he's a hoot...........he's my hero!

    I want to grow up to be just like him................and I do practice at it when they call.:D
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    Kinda thought this topic would get a few posts. Did look into the telezapper a few months ago but like many of you I just wasn't sure how/if it worked. I don't like letting all my calls go to the Voice mail for the simple fact that I have landed some great jobs just for answering the phone. One man was so shocked it was a live person at the other end of the phone he hired me over the phone, never questioned the price and has been a good customer ever since. I know thats a stretch but I think it matters to people that when they take the time to call they want to speak to someone, gain closure on whatever it is they called you for and feel they are making progress. Ya'll came up with some good ideas, gonna have to put some to use.
    Raymond :)
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    Oh! Sorry you had to relocate post, but how did it end up here?:confused:
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    just order call block from the phone company that way when telemarketers call you can block their numbers from connecting again i have clients that call from their work and they too show up as "out of area" calls so i dont want them to think my number has been disconnected!! mostly i do let the answering system take those calls. i had a telemarketer ( for a charity) once tell me that since i had declined to give to his cause for 3 months that it was " high time" i "antied up" now i give to no one because i do not want to be bothered like that

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