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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BRIAN GALLO, Mar 6, 2003.


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    Every spring it is brought up on here about how it's illegal and unprofessional to place business flyers in mailboxes. I looked into this on the usps web site, and apparently the reason it's illegal is because there is no postage on the item, and technically the mailbox is federal property. My question is: to be totally "legal", how many of you obtain soliciting permits from the areas that you place flyers in or on the doors? I understand that without a permit you are still illegal because it is considered tresspassing to hang things on a door. :confused:
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    The US Supreme Court ruled last year to nullify/invalidate/end the requirement for permits to solicit door to door. You can read the details here:

    We started getting solicitors ringing our doorbell almost immediately. As I understand it, if a homeowner places a "no soliciting" sign out where it can be seen, solicitors aren't allowed to knock, ring, or "solicit".

    I've heard that messing with a mailbox is a big "NO NO." Also, now that we have criminals making their living stealing from mailboxes (and understand, putting something into a mailbox looks a whole lot like you're taking something out of a mailbox), having someone see you getting into mailboxes is probably not going to win your business any business to say the least.

    I don't know that flyers are considered soliciting. We get flyers placed between the flag and the mailbox, stuck on the nail on the mailbox post where the doorstore (grocery flyers) are hung, thrown in the driveway (I don't like that one), and hung on the doorknob all the time. To me, as a homeowner, all of these are fine. BTW, if you can ever get to the point where you can stick your flyer to the door or mailbox with a refrigerator magnet with your company info on it, that works great at our house. The wife loves refrigerator magnets. Something different to make you stand out.

    Hope this helps. Remember, this is just my opinion. I am not a lawyer, and I do not play one on TV. Hope it works for you. :D
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    Hud, thanks for that info...i was getting nervous that i just wastd $500. Much apreciated bud
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    Most of the cities require Peddler's License. If there's more than one person handing out fliers door to door then each person is required to have one regardless if their all with the came company. It's only 15$ for the license and good for one year.
  5. I talked to my police dept. They said I dont need a permit to leave flyers.

    If I plan to Knock on doors intoduce myself and leave a flyer I need a permit.

    Permit is only like $25.00
    And you just have to wear a name tag with you pic on it. It also has your comopany name and permit number on it

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