Solid foil vs. Notched foil blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Jul 19, 2001.

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    I've recently recieved a little information from eXmark regarding the recent Solid foil vs. Notched foil blades debate, so I thought I should post it for others to see. Basically this is what they said:

    Notched foil:
    Comes standard w/ Lazer
    Best for most applications
    Max. lift and discharge velocity

    Solid Foil:
    Blades reduce flex when mowing
    Doesn't tend to bend as easily after impact
    Can help in reducing blow out
    Will reduce discharge velocity

    First, they are both high lift and made from the same grade of steel to the same hardness specification. That is about where the similarities end. The notched foil blade is put on our units’ standard from the factory because they simply discharges grass, especially wet grass farther than any blade we’ve tested. Because most new mowers are sold in the spring it makes sense to use the best wet condition blade as standard equipment. In dryer conditions this blade however appears to create a slight “swirl” as the air rolls off the blade tip causing some air to escape out from under the mower deck. Generally the area of “blow out” will be confined to the front right hand side of the mower deck. The way I like to explain it is that the notched blade pushes air through the mower deck allowing a little to escape from under the front lip.

    The solid air foil blade on the other hand does not discharge wet grass as well as the notched blade, it does not generally exhibit much if any “blow out”, discharges grass at relatively the same velocity as the notched blade but at a lower angle. In dryer conditions it appears to pull the air through the deck rather than push it eliminating the little swirl we see in the form of “blow out”. Incidentally this is my favorite side discharge and bagging blade. Others at the factory prefer the notched blade but in my opinion once the grass dries out a little such as summer and fall cutting conditions, the solid blade has a little cleaner looking cut.

    Class dismissed!
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    Try the solid air foil blades. They do a much better cutting job & you won't notice a big difference in discharge performance. I run solids all year,except I switch to low lifts to control deck blow out when I'm bagging leaves w/ the Ultra vac in the fall. ED

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