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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Helpfull news to all who run PM ride-ons. Since we upgraded to a 12-volt battery + a 3.0 gpm pump, we noticed a stricking difference......No more cleaning out screens several times a day (actually it's about every 3 weeks now), and the spray is constant. Also no adjusting of nozzles throughout the day. Seems the increased flow has solved several problems. We currently cover about 25,000 sq. ft. per eight gallon tank-full, and seldom have any weed control complaints from customers. We are even knocking out creeping Charlie. Even the edges are clean of weeds! We run in high gear about 3650 - 3950 rpm's. (yes -- we "tweaked" things a little bit).

    Hope this gives you guys some help, americanlawn + americanlawn (m).:usflag:
  2. MrBarefoot

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    Your contstant good reports on this motivate me to try to upgrade my own system.
  3. heritage

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    Thanks for the real world testing!!!!!

    Pete D.
  4. TSM

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    we added a larger pump as well (2.6 gpm i think?) with a larger battery. We are using a battery for a tractor.

    that helped with better coverage...but still we couldnt get the spray width we wanted (best we could get was about 9 ft wide and we were looking for 11-12 ft wide)
    So we added a third nozzle. We're using the red nozzle that were supposed to be for low gear, but we run them in high. we extended the 'boom', for lack of better word, to add the 3rd nozzle. we can no longer get through 36inch gates (we'll work on that this winter) and we finally achieved a 11-12 wide pattern. The 'boom' extends about 2-3 inches beyond the front tires so we are now about 40-42 inches unit width
  5. RigglePLC

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    Got pictures? Did you add a third nozzle in the center? Do you mean 2 white nozzles and one red nozzle? Is there a way to fold up the "booms" so you can get through the gates?

    For people who operate the Centri--do the nozzles positioned higher work better? Throw farther?
  6. TSM

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    no pictures (I aint one for taking pictures and to be honest I really dont know how to load them)

    yes, 3rd nozzle is in the center. all 3 nozzles are the red ones.

    Should be easy enough to get the 'boom' to fold (right now it doesnt) and we'll work that out over the off season.

    We're getting about 22,000 sf coverage from the 8 gal tank

    The center nozzle sprays a little heavier than the end nozzles which works out well. Basicly we just pulled all the hoses, clamps, elbows off the thing and have one line run from pump to the center nozzle where it tee's off to the end nozzles.

    We're hoping to get a larger tank installed (looking at 12 gal instaed of the 8 gal) get the boom to fold for gated properties.

    We have one older centri and 2 ultras. We did bring the spray nozzle up a little higher than the original position on the ultra. I do feel the higher placement does help in pattern width.

    To date we have only tweeked one ultra. Thinking of doing things a bit different on the other ultra. Instead of having the traditional PG nozzles that sray out in front of you we're gonna go with the more traditional boom type nozzle that sprays downward. Even with the tweeking we have already done, though it is a real improvement, we still have a tough time getting good control over weeds onan unkept lawn. You know, we show up and the lawn is 8 inches tall? Thinking a downward pattern would work better?
    I dunno, after reading American maybe we just need a larger pump and keep the same nozzles?
  7. scweedman

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    I would like to change the magnum spray tips to the side like the ultra so
    i can see it, my winter project.
  8. rcreech

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    Why are you going to change you PG Mag? Other then seeing it better, are you still getting good control?

    I have not had any troubles with mine, so this made me a little curious.

    Will you be able to use the same pump that is on there currently?
  9. scweedman

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    I get good control i am just afraid that if it ever stops spraying like
    the ultra often does i want know it. If you go with two tips like
    the ultra you would spray wider not sure about the pump. I have just
    been thinking about this whole set up. Some how bring the tips out the
    side with pipe like the ultra.

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