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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Thanks for the help Yellow.. I hadnt even considered that kind of tire, I didnt think itd work for what I wanna do.. But now I am gonna take a second look.

    And I've never tried the binder around the skidsteer tire, I always thought they were to stiff to do that to. But I'll try it next time around. Thanks again.
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    Thats how i do it too. The ether is for show offs lol. Ratchet straps are for getting work done.
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    One thing to consider with the old school foam filled tires is that they dog the machine down. I used to work for a guy with two 1845C one foam, one not. there was a difference in power.
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    I ran into the same problem on a demo job shortly after buying my skid. I couldn't afford different tires and the ones that came on it were already pretty worn and not worth the cost to foam fill. Besides I don't like foam filled in the mud anyway - they suck and are too heavy. I ended up putting Ultraseal tire sealant in them ( kinda like Slime only a lot better if you ask me). I've heard the slime eats up rims over time. Got the Ultraseal from Little pricey but worth every penny. I've had such good luck with it I put it in again as soon as I got new tires. No more downtime due to flats. I got the bulletproof grade says it seals up to 1/2 inch hole. I've punched some good holes where the stuff started spraying out. Drive until the hole is on the bottom and sit there a few seconds then drive forward and back straight a few times and voila no more leaky. I check the tire pressure maybe once a month and maybe have to add 5-10 psi tops.
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