SOLIDEAL brand OTT rubber tracks--Anyone have experience good or bad?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Bob E G, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Bob E G

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    I'm going to get a set of SOLIDEAL over the tire rubber tracks for my skid steer, unless anyone can talk me out of them. I plan to leave them on. What kind of hours and performance can I expect.

    Anyone have some experience with these?

  2. Squizzy246B

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    Bob, I have no experience with Solideal tracks but I suspect Solideal is a new(er) brand name coming out of a reputable chinese factory. I am seeing their tyres coming out as an option on skids from our State Cat distributor and I am going to give a set a run shortly. If they are anything like their predecessor they will be no frills and long lasting. Should I be correct the tyres you may know as "Constellation" come from the same factory.
  3. eaglemrpaul

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    Solideal tracks are made in Canada. I was told you could expect about 60% life of what your tire life would be. One imortant thing to be aware of. Make sure your tires have good tread left. The tracks use the lugs of the tires as their drive mechanism. Also any debre that enters the channel of the tracks will be picked up by the tire lugs and thrown out of the track channel. Do not purchase these tracks if you're looking for a significant traction increase in tough conditions. I was on a demo with a set and could not climb a wet 25 degree 10ft high slope.
    Do purchase these tracks if your goal is added floatation in decent conditions.
  4. hwm57

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    We bought a set for our Case 450. They will eat the sidewalls of the rear tires up in a hurry, also the tires spin inside the track if you are continuously in mud. The lugs on the side of the track break off after a little use but that has not been a big problem. The traction is great and they can be easily installed and removed.
  5. Land&LawnDev.

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    I have solideal tires on previous wheel units and got excellent service from them. I myself have never used there ove tire tracks but know a few people that have. I have heard bad stories about them. Hard to tension, tires slipping inside, and them wearing out fast. Like I said I have never used them myself. Ask JDSKIDSTEER about them he has sold some and I don't think they were happy with them at all.

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    One customer wore coupler into on his tracks at 150 hours. Was very disappointed. Solid deal did in fact replace them at no charge with new style couplers. One customer did not like them at all. They are wearing prematurely. They are the old style like others so we will see how solid deal handles as they wear. They were in hurricane area which is rough on all tracks. I have one customer who loved his. Not sure what kind of hours he had on them before he moved off. They are a pain to put on and take off. I like the concept but have been burned on OTR's. Majority tires made in Shrewlanka. A few in China and Canada.Not sure on tracks I just called my rep. and he is going to find out. We use them. Great tires excellent service. Service is why we use them.

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