SolidFlex Brawler Tires

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by BigDigger, May 3, 2009.

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    I prefer to drive, as long as I got my buddy or the guy that helps us with me, its legal! Until September till I can legally drive by myself..

    btw, the short bus must be nice, I heard you still ride it.. :p :laugh:
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    How do you like the ott tracks on the 465? Every skid here runs ott and they never come off I have never used them bacause I have a ctl but I might use them on my 262c.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! that's exactly what I was thinking. Geez, someone must have put a scratch in KSSS' Case this morning :laugh::drinkup:

    Hey Jr, don't worry man, I am always up for some case bashing....even with BC fanboy such as yourself. The way I see it I can still convince you to get a real machine....KSSS just can't fix that :laugh:
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    Biggie, the only Kryptonite to a Case is a bad operator.:)
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    They are really amazing. I don't need them often but when you need that you need them. Now that I don't have to worry about flats, the OTT makes them the perfect unimproved surface track system, I think. They are relatively cheap, last a long time and gives your machine incredible capacity in tough conditions. Now that I have a machine with VTS, I probably wont need my OTT as much. However, as soon as I give up the ability to put OTT on the 465, I will need to track it. Thats how my luck is.
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    I'll stick with Bobcat unless you can convince the CAT dealer here to give us the same deal Bobcat does..

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    Hi all,

    Been luring on the site along time now, finally decided to post here.

    KSSS, what made you choose the Mclaren over the other brands?
    I just got a quote from McLaren and they look like the ones from Skid Steer Solutions but are quite a bit more expensive than the ones from skid steer solutions.

    Just wondering before I make a purchase.
  10. hillboy

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    If you are looking for cheaper flat proof tires, I noticed a lot of them on ebay including skid steer solutions, radmeister, and few other. The McLaren flat proof tires, however, are on the top of my high quality list as they have a proven record with us. They are also cheaper in the long run since you can save big by getting rimless tires and mount them on your original McLaren rims, or just re-tread the worn-out McLarens. We run Bullman and McLaren Nu-Air DT and AT tires, and the Nu-Air AT is the only tire we had so far that can reach 3,500 work hours. The DT lasts about 3,000 hrs, and the Bullman about 2,000 hrs. The McLaren also have a very smooth and soft ride, very similar to the pneumatics but not so bouncy. Don't be mislead by the look -- like your truck tires, the look is not all that makes the tire last long, it's mostly the rubber compound and the internal tire structure. I think the McLarens have got it right. But at the end, it really depends on what kind of work you'll do and how long you want your tires to last. :usflag:

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