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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Falkner, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Having worked on a project and installed 11 well lights, and 3 Sollos BMB062 lights via stake in the ground I have come across an issue. I have been I am unable to find any accurate information on how best to mount the same bullet light to a gutter or the fascia board. As a new installer I a unsure how well the Uni Bracket can hold the weight of the light in the gutter (assuming the Sollos threaded portion fits well??) or if the Strat Bracket is better suited. The Sollos deck mount is not an option and need something that will:

    1- support the weight of the light
    2- fit well onto a standard gutter
    3- allow for somewhat easy installation and not have to worry about getting a call the light came off!

    Any suggestions or other mounts that will work well for this is much appreciated.
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    If your intention is to set a light above a gutter to illuminate a 2nd story dormer or roofline, then the Uni-bracket is what you want to go with. It will support a full sized, brass bullet, although I prefer to use either a soft wall washer or an MR11 based fixture to keep the footprint of the fixture low visually. Mount the Uni-bracket into the fascia board, just above the gutter.
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    Thanks for your expertise. I will also look into the lights you suggested. Thanks so very much.
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