Solo 471 KAT Brothers????!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by byoung, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Just got my Solo 471!!!!! Man what a blower!!! Really interested to see how any of you are getting on with this thing. In particular the 472...(which seems a little rare?) Haven't seen one of these up close, but if my experience is typical... it must be nice...

    Interested to see how others are getting on with this monster.
    Had a BR600 and it was great but mine was kind of in the shop a little too often for a new mach - dealer issues... I'll still use it (and it IS really good) when it gets back in the lineup but this KAT thing is like a sports car! (but less maintenance) I have to admit though, it doesn't have the sound that I'm used to... My 651 and the the redmax make a whole lot more of a satisfying noise, but in my opinion this thing is engineered to an entirely different standard.

    In particular, the run time is worth paying REAL attention to, like 'almost' two hours - I think the advertised 2 is a stretch... ( I run on full a lot, lots of last years leaves in swails and drains etc.... ) but even the 1 3/4 hours that I get is kind of nice with gas/price like it is. Actually I've taken the Converter off of the exhaust just to mod it up a bit and it is a little scary. (Much louder, and definately more B+++s than the blowers I'm used to. I won't say it's actually better than the BR but given the quiet factor (my wife and most clients like this in particular...) and the price I'm not sure really how to say anyting bad about it. And in fairness the Rmax 7001 is kind of more like a GTO (and I REALLY like that...) to the 471s BMW but I just like this engineering better...
    But I do kind of miss the loudness and rumble.... Hmmnnnn.....

    I guess though, out of the shop it probably is kind of like the others (BR600, RedMax8000, Echo755. etc...) but drop that exhaust thing and take the design and build quality into the picture (and the like almost 1/2 noise factor.) and where do you go?
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    Once it breaks in it will probably stretch on out to 2 hours.
    Most engines are piggish in the beginning.

    How's the actual working power, weight and comfort?
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    Yeah, probably right. I'll watch it as it breaks in. So far it's really comfortable and pretty light - just over 21lbs or so with the gas. The power is beastly but it's sort of deceptive... I can see how a lot of guys might jump to the conclusion that it's not up to snuff because it's so quiet... As powerful as just about anything I've used so far though. Claims 235mph/over 700cfm out of the box. I have no way to actually measure that, but I'd say it's pretty accurate. The 472 gets 250/900 or so (and it's the same machine just without the catalyser). Even the dealer told me that's the only difference. And the parts schematic is pretty much the same thing. Wouldn't be as quiet though.
    I'll let you know how it goes....

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