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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 16, 2012.

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    I've got a solo backpack(diaphram I think) that is leaking. This is my roundup backpack for the mowing side and cracks and bed edges. It works fine, but when I release the handle it seems to drip. It appears to stop when the pressure decrease...just a few seconds, but it doesn't shut of instantly. If you shake the wand a few more drops will come out. It also leaks some when filled to full, but not a big issue. This could really mess up some lawns if not careful.

    I have repleaced the tip and checked the screen(screen looked clean and ok, but did not replace. I also replaced the trigger handle. Anything I have missed??

    With that said. This back pack is really old and could be replaced. Anyone got any recommendations on good backpacks? I'd be looking for a backpack that can be used for roundup with mowing. I'd also need a good backpack for lawn applications where the ride on will not fit(currently use a similar solo model as the one above). What backpacks do you guys really like?
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    I assume you are referring to the plastic wand type sprayers?
    Those things don't hold out for very long with the saline conditions of Glyphosate! The seals are usually Viton but the plastic don't do well with the acid salt.
    Often soil gets into the bowl and ends up in the nozzle, but most times it is the low budget wands that is the problem.
    You can take it all apart after you let out the pressure, then just clean it out!!
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    TeeJet 23L-7676-18 gun and wand assembly. Shut off is via a Teflon valve seat right behind the nozzle. I would not like to drip RoundUp on a lawn accidentally. The other good wand is the one that comes with the B & G hand cans. The shut off is set up same as the 23L gun, but the hand piece is more like a regular trigger rather than the big pistol of the 23L.
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    I thank you green doctor, for listing those items. I'm onjly using my solo in a homeowner capacity currently, but I have had to clean the valve twice in the past due to the dripping. I will consider replacing the whole wand.
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    I don't think it is a leak. Unless you can get the open/close valve near the tip; you will have residual left in the tube. The valve in the handle stops the flow but the remainder drips out after you release the trigger. I used to carry my wand vertically when I went from spot to spot. The valve at the tip is the answer. Makes a huge difference in the dripping and makes you feel better about moving around from place to place knowing you're not killing other stuff.
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    I cleaned the valve at the handle and it got some better trigger response. It does t so much leak now. But when you release the trigger it will spray until the pressure to too low to come out of the tip.

    With the price of solo parts I my be better off replacing it. It's got some age and the wand has been banged numerous times in te bed of the truck.
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    Everyone loves "new" stuff. :)
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