Solo backpack sprayer parts


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My solo backpacks are starting to show some age and I either need to replace them or go through and replace the worn parts.

Where are you finding the best price on parts? Parts at my local supply store are expensive.

I've thought about replacing them slowly with the redmax 46i. I've read great things about them here.


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I've got 2 Solo's and they've been decent but I'll be looking to replace them as time goes. Looking for something more ergonomic and when the inner filter gets clogged it is a beech to take apart and clean. I'll prob save them for the "dirty" jobs. One expert recommends the Redmax. One brand I've had my eye on is the Maruyama MX series. The come in a 3 gal size which I think is a good idea since I rarely put more than 2 gallons in. I'm going to check out the different brands at the GIE show in Oct.

Back to the original ? I've noticed Gemplers sell parts for Solo.

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