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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crazygator, Nov 18, 2001.

  1. crazygator

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    I have recently seen Solo advertising some backpack blowers with 235mph air speed and 705-800 plus cfm. I was wondering if anyone has demo'd one, or has one, and how does it compare with the Redmax and Shindaiwa brands? Also they advertise it with around a 60dB sound rating, which is much lower than most. Below is 1 link to an advertisment for it.
  2. Dochere

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    I for one am a fan of the solo line, great German product. There blower is all they claim it to be and for about 375 bucks, is well worth the price. Compared to others on the market, I can only compare to the Tanaka 505 and I like the Tanaka better mainly because everything I have is Tanaka, I would seriously consider a solo blower though as it is a good 100 cheaper.
  3. BerksLawn

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    Believe it or not the solo is the same as the craftsman backpack blower. We were going to get the craftsmen but got the poulan pro br400 and its a great blower.


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