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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, May 3, 2004.

  1. fga

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    I'm not asking for what you make, its nobody's business, just wondering what you solo guys "target" for the week after exspenses. This is just off mowing, not including : trimming, fertilizer, planting, mulch, etc. Just routine maintenace.

    For a solo guy obviously the overhead can be really low, so what is your target profit.

    I'll bite the bullet, and say after exspenses weekly, mowing i could profit $1100 - $1500 weekly, off just the maintenance. I make a bundle off trimming, leaves, and fertilizer, and all planting done all year, but to budget myself, I go by the maintenance.

    Is that low compared to the average you other solo guys? I can do this route in 3 1/2 - 5 days .
  2. sildoc

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    you are significantly higher than I this year. My regular maintenance is right now at 550 a week - expences would put it at 385.00. For some reason my mowing schedule is slow very slow and have only a hand full of mow only when usually I have a ton. I have however been overwhelmed with the one time cleanups and bark/mulch placements.
    I have a large retirement complex to bid tomarrow so that should take a day all by itself to keep up every week. 14 acres total about 5-7 in grass and who knows how much in trimming.
  3. GreenMachine102

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    sildoc is in my range, i will after expences clear about 380-400 a week, but I am only part time, i cut on thursdays, fridays and saturdays, from monday thru wednesday, even thursday sometimes, i am working for a local Heating and cooling contractor.
  4. fga

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    My business is my only income, so I have more time. Right now I have a guy (amigo numero uno), but with the right machines, I know i don't need him. His pay comes out to about $300 at most, and I would rather put that in my pocket and work another day or 2.
    My above figures would be if I drop him. With him, I fly through the route, and have time for the odds and ends. But, without him, I profit an additional $250 - $300 a week, making the odds and ends not as needed. Not to mention his pay for the additional days of the extras. i guess it comes down to the bottom line. Just wondering if those figures where in the ball park.
  5. bobbygedd

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    fga, have you figured in your daily operating expenses? by this i mean it costs you x amount per day for insurence, accounting fees, depreciation, etc. i have been able to break my over all overhead(without wages) down to a cost of $50 per day. my mowing in 21 hrs enables me to write myself a paycheck of about $850 a week.
  6. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    I don't have daily figures, not even exact weekly exspenses. I'm in the process of really tightening up this operation, I've been way to laid back on "figures". That's why I always use ball park figures.
    You have a worker though, right? you're not including him in the $50 a day exspences are?? If so, does he have a brother? lol
  7. scott's turf

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    For the last couple years my expenses have been about 20k not including payroll. Stuff adds up quick and I have by no means a large business. Over a 33 week period 5 days/week that is about $121/day of expenses which also equals about the cost of one FT employee for the day. So I won't clear a profit until we have made at least $240 for the day. I think a lot of people under estimate their expenses.
  8. bobbygedd

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    fga, u know what i meant. i'm at $50 a day, regaurdless of what i'm doing, the employee goes on top of that. i figure mine similar to the way scott does. fga, if you don't know what it's costing you daily, or weekly to operate, how can you tell me how much you're making? the absolute biggest mistake people make is not knowing what it's costing them to operate. i know guys who have been in business 20 yrs, and don't have a clue how much it's costing them. i had a friend stop by during a snow storm. he was laughing at my cr@ppy old snowblower. he had on his truck 5 snowblowers, yes 5, at an average cost of $1300 each. ok, he has $6500 worth of snow blowers on his truck. he's doing residential walkways and driveways at roughly $40 a piece, he's doing 30 of them. that's $1200 a storm x about 3 storms a year=$3600. the extra insurence is $500. fuel and repairs must run him about $500 a season on the snow operation. that's $7500 invested(not including depreciation on the truck, winter clothes, shovels....) ok so the first year he spends $7500 to get started, he brings in $3600. he's still $3900 in the hole. the following year, add another season worth of snow insurence($500) and more fuel and repairs(u r always gonna have repairs doing snowblowing) this brings him still at a loss of $4900. he takes in $3600 again, leaving him in the hole for $1000 overall. 3rd year, the insurence and fuel/repair bills again, he's still in the hole $2000. he takes in $3600. now, in his 3rd year, he's finally pulling a profit, a measley $1600 for his 3 winters of work. a new pair of boots, some repairs on the truck, taxes, etc, and again he just cleaned snow, for 3 winters, for free. one year of no snow, he's right back where he started. and he doesn't even realize it, he thinks he's "making a bundle"
  9. TheKingNJ

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    I shoot to bank 650 a week after expenses. I'm usually in that ball park range pending upon weather and what lawns need mowing that week. I'd be making a lot more but gas is friggen killing me this year. I'm in college right now so I think i'm making good money, I keep up on all my accounts, everyone is pleased with my work and I'm keeping up with my school work.
  10. LawnMower

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    I'm basing everything on last September. That was my busiest month. I maintain 90 hanging flower baskets in town. Plus I have my lawns. The only time I hire a guy is to help me do the baskets at night. I throw him a 20 dollar bill. All hes doing is driving the truck and listening to the radio and smoking, wile I'm top side watering and trimming.

    I averaged about $1000 net a week last September. It comes to about $5800 net for the month of last September.

    There are other months that I spend a lot more, and I don't make as much profit.

    For the month of April 04, I made $384 net. I spent almost $1400 last month. I make almost nothing in the winter.

    I find flower contracts can be good money makers........if you have a green thumb. Believe me, I pick my nose with my thumb every chance I get. Dead or sick flowers aren't money makers.

    Quick books is a godsend for me. That is how I know exactly where I'm at. All my ducks are in a row.

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