Solo Fall Clean-up Blower Upgrade????

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Hello, I'm a solo operator full time, with fall clean-up approaching I'm considering upgrading my backpack blower. Currently have a br600 which is great and has served me well the last 3 seasons and also for fall clean-ups, in the summer it is also used in conjunction with my stihl handheld blower. So my question is, is it worth getting a bigger backpack blower just for fall clean-up? The br600 is more than enough all season and also holds its own during fall clean-ups as well, but with all of the threads about it being weak compared to a husq 8500 and comparable models. I'm not interested in a ground blower and work exclusively alone, all of the properties are small suburban homes 3-5k at the most, some have a fair amount of leaves with older trees and such. I also have a billy goat leaf loader and usually make a pile in the front and back and then drag the pile from the back to the front and suck it up. None of the homes have ravines or woods, most are heavily landscaped. I also have a trimmer trap rack mounted on my truck which makes it nice to transport, also not too keen on using a bigger heavier blower in the summer, also don't want the new blower to sit all season and only be used in the fall, although may not be a bad idea. So stick with the br600? or get something bigger?
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    stick with br600 until it gets worn out then buy a husqvarna 580bts.
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    If you buy a Redmax 8500 or comparable Husqvarna(using the Redmax design), you'll wonder why you hadn't made the move sooner. The power difference is not even close. For regular season use, a BR 600 might do, but when you really need the power....especially if going solo, you need the Redmax.
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    It would be nice to have both, I love the stihl turtle shell design and for daily mow and blow it is more than enough for the properties I service, often times I just grab the handheld blower but always have both with me. There were times last fall where a little more umph would have been nice. I just think I'm crazy to buy a blower just for fall clean-ups, however many people have ground blowers which I'm sure only really get used in the fall and maybe spring. Being a solo op I try to have the best and most efficient piece of equipment for the task at hand.
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    I want to know also. I have br600
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    If you're not going to buy a ground blower and you really want the best and most efficient piece of equipment for the task at hand, then you want the 580.
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    I have the Br600 And a Redmax 7500, one step below the 8500, and the 7500 has more power than the Br600. I like Stihl a lot, but their blowers are not real powerful. They are great for sidewalks, they are durable,and light weight, but not powerful.
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    The Redmax 7500 is also a great blower. Bought one recently and I'd put it up against the 8500. Tons of power minus a few pounds.
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    We use the redmax. Believe the hype, that thing is on another level
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    If you have the money I'd buy it. That way you could have someone help you if wanted and also have a back up blower.
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