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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Trucklover, Dec 24, 2012.

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    i work with my brother and we live in southern NJ. we do not do snow work...

    i go away for a few weeks in january.

    i work another job 40+ hours a week from feb 1 to late march. (but this technically could all be vacation time)

    work 6-7 days a week from late march through july 4.

    july august september october i take a few 3 day weekend trips

    i go away for thanksgiving for 4-5 days because we are just about done leaves by then.

    december is pretty flexible but i don't often go anywhere because i am getting ready for the holidays and the big january trip.

    i like compact work weeks. i would rather work 4 12 hour days than 6 8 hour days. i love to travel and explore at every opportunity.

    if you are solo and expect to take 1-2 week vacations between april and october and still have a business to come back to, think again. if the trip of a lifetime came up during these months, i would ask my friend who owns a landscaping company to cover my accounts while gone and accept the fact that i would earn next to nothing during this time..

    this assumes that you do lawn maintenance work and have to be onsite the same time each week. if you do landscape installs, just tell the customer you are booked 2-3 weeks out and schedule the job accordingly. they dont need to know you are away...
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    I'll work all 168 to keep from going back to that 40 though!
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    You know a 3 day long weekend in Vegas is good for mental down time.
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    That was pretty much exactly how we squeezed in our Vegas honeymoon in July. But we stretched it to 4 days. I love Vegas. And Vegas makes it so easy to forget home for a few days.
  5. Duekster

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    From the time you get off the plane to the time you go back to the airport the rest of the world does not exist. Just lose the phone and go on a long weekend.
    You may not come home well rested unless you sleep on the plane :laugh:

    But mentally, you are refreshed and that matters a whole lot.
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    Yeah right.

    I was solo for 2 years. My vacation (up here in R.I.) was mid Dec-Mid Apr.

    I didnt do snow, then started too and realized " I am on call" with the snow.

    I hired a couple of people in april knowing i was having a baby in Nov. I trained and let them drive and even sent them out randomly to get used to when i wanted to send them after the baby arrived. I even gave responsability raises to them.

    Either i did a bad job trianing them or they just felt like "eh who cares the boss isnt here for two weeks"

    Needless to say withing 3 days of me being home the phone wrang off the hook with 1/2 dozen complaints. And i was back to work.

    I sent letters to my customers stating "No snow" this year due to baby. Lost a few that probably werent worth keeping anyway. And now im off Mid Dec-Mid April again! Which sucks because my wife is a school teacher so we NEVER have the same time off, and thats why i went to key west solo last jan.

    Vacation for you will depend on

    1. your work load
    2. your productivity (with out sacrificing quality)
    3. your local weather/season.

    It is what you make it.

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