SOLO OPERATORS: What % of revenue is spent on operating

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ozarklawns, Feb 8, 2012.

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    It is tax time for me and I am noticing a trend in that for three years now my cost of doing business or operating cost is about 20% +/- of total revenue. NOT counting employees, equipment purchases, rent, or wages paid out to subs. Does that seem like a lot or am I doing alright. I am talking things like gas (truck & equipment), supplies, repairs, and odd things that happen a few times here and there. I am SOLO so I would like responses from people with that perspective in mind. How much does it take (as a percent of total revenue) to operate through the year. Even as I have grown from 20 accounts to 50, this rate has kept within 3-4%. Just curious, let me know if you know.
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    It is what it is. You might be able to tighten up a few loose ends but its likely that's going to be the ballpark of your cost.
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    Mine is a little more but everyone is going to be different.
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    You are in the ball park. Fuel costs and repairs are a big part of our costs.
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    not much left after the government takes their share.

    about half. Savings? tough. hope your wife works.


    its a sad state of affairs.
    good luck to everyone this season

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