Solo Operators-What's the best way to lower operating costs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smitty's lawncare, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I agree that cash rules. All of my equipment is mine free and clear and it feels good. I don't have a prius or any of that other hippy stuff. That was just me trying to be funny.
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    I got that you were being funny, guess so was I. :drinkup:
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    Hey us Southern boys gotta stick together, Bama.
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    I like that.
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    The South will rise again :drinkup:
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    I mount as much as I can on the curb side of the trailer. Only my water cooler and spare trimmer are on the street side. This does mean that I have to walk around the trailer once when the job is started and once when it's ended. I do this for a very good reason. I have a thing about minimizing my exposure to traffic. The less time I spend on the street side the better.
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    There is some really good advice in this thread. I will certainly be critiquing how I operate. The biggest saver of both time and money for me is keeping a tight route and focusing on getting multiple yards per stop. Nothing is better than parking and knocking out 3-4 yards right next to each other. If you use your truck as a personal vehicle, minimize driving by actually writing out where you need to go and what you need to get done. If you have to go to the dealer take the parts you are replacing with you and know the part #'s. I have a good dealer near me but I've been given the wrong parts on more than one occasion. You live and learn. I drive very little so for me it is cheaper to just drive my 3/4 ton 4x4 than it would be to buy another vehicle that is better on gas.

    I am a very frugal person. My friends and family joke on me frequently. I have found that sometimes constantly thinking about money can be counterproductive. If you find a product or something you want and you are doing a good job saving money, buy it (the majority of the time what I'm buying is for work anyways). Reward yourself occasionally. I always want to horde my money but don't take enough time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Be smart, work hard, relax and it will all work out alright.

    **Also, Make friends in the business. Know your competition and how they work. If you come across yards/jobs you can't do send them their way if they do quality work and are good guys. I have good relationships with a few local guys and have sent work their way. I know that they'll help me out if I ever really need it. We aren't out to cut each other's throats.
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    I think a key is to keep your mowing route in close proximity. Do all your cuts in the same area during the same day of the week. I've even dropped some clients that were just too far away. Saves gas and time. Often you can replace one far away client with two close ones and make more money.
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    Do you have a Costco? I buy my fuel at Costco and get 4% cash back at the end of the year.
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    "ashgrove" said it, LLC is a protetion, if you get sued all they can take is what you have under the LLC so equipment, funds, trucks etc.. now i know that sounds bad, trust me my equipment is my life besides God and my Family, but its better they take that vs my house my wifes car and my wifes paycheck and our personal savings and other personal items not associated with my buisness like my harley God forbid, basicly no LLC if you get sued all you own is upfor grabs and they will likely get it.

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