Solo or employees?

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    get some helpers when you have enough work. The goal for me was to run the business. Not work for the business. My point is I didn't want to be old and wore out at 40 riding a mower. Once you get the right guys and a system in place, it goes way more smoothly and you have more money and time. I've made it to the point where I just drive the truck and sometimes ride the mower, but if I didn't want to work I could just hand the guys a work list and they would get it done. That way I can go out and get more work and do quality control stuff and meet with customers. Also if I wanted to take a vacation, the show doesn't stop while I'm gone. What if you get sick? What if you get hurt? The show will stop and no money will be coming in. There is a point where to big is not worth it. To me the perfect size is you and two guys. If you pay them 400 a week that equals 3200 a month. That's about 15-20 accounts to pay them in my neck of the woods. So for example, if you had just 50 accounts, 20 accounts goes to pay them, a couple more for expenses, so roughy you could earn the money of about 20 accounts, and they are making your money. where as if its you by yourself. You would have to work all week to make the same money as if you doubled the accounts and had the guys do the work. Give it some thought.
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    Solo by choice.

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