Solo or Partnership?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by blewis3412, Dec 18, 2007.


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    Believe me there is no ship that sinks faster than a partner-ship.

    Been there done that and paid the price.
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    Here's my take on how to succeed in this business:

    1) Stay solo, suck it up, and save your money, hard work for many years, best to do this one lawn, and one day at a time lalala.
    2) No loans, save as much as you can and always buy the best your money can buy, pay cash and buy cash only.
    3) Upgrade your equipment and truck and trailer over the years, bigger, faster, better, fancier.
    4) Keep going, solo, keep sucking it up and keep saving, and upgrading, year after year.
    5) Once you have a niiiice truck and trailer etc for yourself and at least 50 but really 100g saved, expand.
    > You want more outfits for your crew, get them basic trucks and standard machines, nobody but you operates what you own.
    6) When a very special / highly profitable job comes up that you know only you can handle, you handle it, give all the rest of the jobs to your workers, likely if you hunt long and hard a special job come around once every 2-4 weeks, as a rule these jobs will land 9-10 times the normal profit hence you do those. Some will require the rest of your crew, others will not, but it's those few and far in between ones all you do beyond supervising and staying in your climate controlled office hunting for more work and those very jobs.
    7) All the rest of the run of the mill, dime a dozen jobs your crew takes care of without you being there.
    8) Eventually you can and will want to buy better stuff for your crew, you work that out of their profit / job and pocket the BIG DIY jobs mostly for kicks.

    Estimated time frame: 8-10 years or so, maybe longer, who knows?

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