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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by greenn1001, Nov 19, 2006.

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    I have these for estimating, cool days and seminars. Not to mention just out and about. For hot days and working in really dirty situations I have Safety yellow screen printed shirts. I had them before the Waste Management crews did, they get you noticed, but now it seems everyone around here has them.

    You can order them from this company, they are local but do almost all of the cheerleading teams on the east coast. --$2.20 first color, $0.50 each extra color and or location, Example 1 color front, 4 color back would be $4.70 for printing + cost of shirt. $19.50 for the polos and $9.00 for the reflective hats, both embroidered.
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    I am solo and had 4 Polo Shirts made with my Logo Embrodiered on the left chest. I am also (as we speak) having T-shirts made up for hotter weather, for my kids to wear and for the occasional helpers that I use.

    I want to have a couple of hooded sweatshirts made, but I have not decided whether to get this for this winter or wait until next.
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    Try website shirts for $13.95 each they also carry many other great items to choose from this is where i will be purchasing my shirts from for next year and they will screen print them for you also.
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    A good embroidery shop will be able to set you up. If you already have a logo on a CD, take it in with you. If not, they can design one for you. The shop I deal with also sells all the shirts, jackets, hoodies, and hats dirt cheap. Once they have the design on their computer, the rest is easy, so the next time you need any work done it will be a lot cheaper. Silk screening is more expensive than embroidery to set up so you might want to keep that in mind since you probably won't need a bunch of stuff just for yourself. Good luck.

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