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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by blair smock, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. blair smock

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    Hi Guys, I have posted a few times and always appreciate the feed back received. I am a part timer with about 12 commercial accounts. Nxt spring I plan on going full time. Equipment I am running is Honda commercial trim mower and an Exmark laser hp 52” 23hp Kawi. Stihl Backpack blower, edger and trimmer. Nice 6x10’ new trailer etc. My biggest concern at this time is if I should have another backup mower incase my Exmark ends up in the shop. Sort of like all the eggs in one basket type of thing. How many of you guys are Solo and don’t have a backup mower? How many have had a problem by not having a backup? In a nut shell I could pickup another Hp laser hp 48-52” but that would pretty much drain my funds. The other thing I really need to do is pickup another vehicle currently running an explorer that has seen better days, I could probably maker it last another year until I get a better cash flow going. Or I could take my funds and get a decent used pickup Any thoughts? Thanks for your time!!!!
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    i would go with a backup mower. But i would go probably for a walkbehind...Like a 52", because you never know. You could get a call for a job with a large slope that even if the lazer is working you couldnt take because it couldnt hold the hill? Just a though.

    I have a Z, one mower only. My next mower will be a walkbehind just for those STEEP yards. I have several; yards i am forced to do with my Z because it is all i have. Most could take a WB

  3. LwnmwrMan22

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    I've got a 2004 Kubota ZD28 as my main mower, a 2003 Ferris IS4000 as my backup mower, and a dealer with 15 ztr's on the lot incase I get deeper than that.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you have the cash right now to buy backup equipment, I'd just keep it in the bank until you have to buy something. You should be able to walk into most dealers and buy a 36 or 48 on short notice if you have to.

    My backup mower is, keep my fingers crossed, and keep enough room on a credit card...
  5. launboy

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    ya i hear you go with walkbehind it can go anywhere on any terrain lot more easy to manuver. hydo most definitely
    wait on the rider
  6. txlawnking

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    Blair, I dearly wish that I had something like a 36" WB or something similar as a back up. Currently my back up would be my 21, and I dang sure would not want to mow ANY of my properties with just it.. Plus having a 32-36" WB, would be a lot better for a trim mower.. In your case, maybe you could find a clean used piece of equipment to fill your need( as strickly a back up)....
  7. BCSteel

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    I have no back up for my walker right now but this is something that I have been thinking about recently. I think that I will probably buy a w/b in the 42"-48" range. I think that would cover me pretty well.
  8. SouthernFried

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    I agree with Hoolie. Keep an emergency fund in the bank...if you need a backup mower, you'll have the money to get one quick. If you don''ve got the money working for you.

    I'm partial to 36" mowers. They can do everything from small to large. You may lose some speed on larger properties, but, it's the most versatile size out there. Methinks that versatility would make it the perfect back-up mower for your type of operation.
  9. moneyman

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    I would say if you had to buy something a used truck is the best bet. Without a truck you have nothing. You can at least rent a mower, or even do it with a walk behind. But its harder and more exspensive to rent a truck that can tow a trailer.
  10. mowerman90

    mowerman90 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've got an Exmark 48" Hydro WB as a backup and all it does is sit in the garage. I've thought of selling it but I know if I do then that'll be the day my new Hustler Super Z will break. I guess I'm lucky that I have it even though I've never really had the chance to use it.

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