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  1. touhey33

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    Solomow-I too am solo, it seems that you have been successful thus far in the business, and am curious as to how you did it, how many accounts do you have, and how did you get them. I like thus far working for myself, and not worrying about employees, solo is the only way to go.
  2. kdbetters

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    I think that you are correct when it comes to being solo but when you want to grow and increase your revenue, employees are the only way to go. Think about it, one person can only do so much. Also, I dont nwant to be mowing lawns when I'm fifty, exposing myself to the elements, skin cancer, insects, and all the other things that come with being in the field. However, I will do it now to lay the foundation.
  3. zamboni

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    I to am a solo operator. IMHO I can't find some one that works as hard as I do, thus I stay solo. I'm 35 and started witha SEARS 21" THEN moved to a bunton pistol grip 36". After two years of the bunto both forearms went numb on a Saturday, I sold it on Monday and THEN bought a 44" toro with the T-bar system. It went away in 1 hour and never came back. STAY AWAY FROM ALL PISTAL GRIP MOWERS. It is a repetitive motion problem. Change now to save yourself in the long run. Business is so good that I just bought a 42" 20 hp Walker. You've got to think long term especially as a solo op. I noticed that you guys are young dudes, don't be pig headed about your future. Instead of drinking on the weekend, put the cash aside for a Walker you'll increase your profits without the wear and tear and you can easily work through your forty's. Think about your future. Cheers, John.
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    Hey touhey33, I just read your profile. I'm science a teacher at the eighth grade level. I've been doing it for 13 years. If I were to di it all over again, I would never teach. It really sucks. The parents ruin it. The kids are fine but the parents think their kids poop doesn't stink. Best of luck. John
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    I think it is different for every individual depending on your skills and talents. I was totally solo for the first year, approx. 30 customers. My second year I used part time help for a short while, approx. 35 customers. This being my third year I have added more accounts and will be hiring a full time person. For me the rule is 'steady as she goes', I plan on growing steadily, as I learn more-I am able to do more. :waving:
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    I agree, i was really close to graduating, and was in schools doing student teaching, It was at a middle school in the Indianapolis Public schools system, and it drove me right out of teaching, now i will graduate with a general studies degree, and try my luck at the lawn business, and so far i love it. Like i said i just want a simple life, i don't drink or party, and i want to be secure.

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