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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jul 12, 2002.


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    Got thinking yesterday when my knee started acting up (high school soccer injury). For you solo's out there, do you have a backup plan should you be knocked out of commision for a month or so??? I have 60 accts and know of 5 lco's in my area that I could trust to cover my accounts should I be unable to work for awhile.

  2. awm

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    if u have 5 lco s in your area u can trust on your lawns ,u have an asset ive never come close to having. injuries and illness are the down side of being machine breaks i can handle it. if i break
    im just out o luck ,and i have been there.
  3. lawnkid

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    Well put :) awm, anyway my uncle is a landscaper parttime so he could have mine but I am planning many more years ahead of me. It sucks, When I broke 2 fingers last year when I took a slap shot during street hockey in the hand my bro had to mow for me and it was funny he could not cut straight. I looked like this.~~~~~~:D oh well I know I'm covered and I hope you guys are too.
  4. thfireman

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    I have it covered on my end. I work as a paid firefighter fulltime and cut grass as a side line. There are 3 other firemen at my station on my shift that have lawn care businesses and I can trust all of them. I alredy use them when I go on a weeks vacation. I split up my lawns with them and each one does a great job for me. In return I will do the same for them and we all stay caught up. There are other perks too. One of them grinds stumps, one has a big aerator setup and can knockem out fast and one has an artistic talent for making great flowerbeds. So when I need any of these things I get a great job at fair pricing and I still make a few bucks too!
  5. turfman33

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    When I was out with my leg injury last year I got lucky. My buddy took over the accounts for me. Now I'm no where near big. Fairly new to this game, but the fact he stepped up to the plate was awesome. Saved the accounts .

  6. I've got a plan but never want to test it. Only one other LCO I feel I could trust with my accounts but I'm not sure if he could handle the load, maybe with an extra helper & o.t.
  7. Scag48

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    I thought about what would happen if I was to get injured doing something stupid. I do alot of extreme sports (dirt biking, mountain biking, high speed skiing (40 MPH plus)) I don't think I could trust anyone with my lawns, maybe one guy, but I should figure out who to turn to if it happened.
  8. Toatlandscape

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    Funny thing--next week I am covering for another LCO while he takes care of some out of town business. Suggest this is a topic that is discussed with anyone you would trust enough to do your lawns maybe you should offer to do theirs too. I know that I could get my customers taken care of if need be. Not everyone out there is out to steal your business the same way you are not out to steal theirs. There is enough for everyone. Get to know the guys doing the yards near your work. Some are really nice guys that may help in the long run. I have gotten work from and given work to guys that don't have time for whatever reason. You can never have too many friends.
  9. VLM

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    Some really good advice in this thread. I have 2 friends I would trust to cover for me. Have done it before and would be happy to help out if they ever needed it. I allways stop and talk with other LCOs. Most of the time they are not very friendly, I guess they have that eat or be eaten competition thing mentality, but every once in a while you meet someone who can be a real asset. My two friends have helped me with equipment problems, pricing info, accounting tips and the list goes on. Next time you see that guy who cuts the yard next to yours say hello, he may not be your enemy but one of your best assets.
  10. KirbysLawn

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    When I had my surgery in March my wife, kids, and a friend ran the show. I had a good friend that I swaped work with but he was killed a few years back.

    I had 2 different LCO's offer to mow my accounts while I was out with the surgery.

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