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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by snmhanson, Aug 28, 2005.

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    We want to install something to irrigate a 8-10' wide strip of grass along both sides of ~150' of our driveway. I have installed two large sprinkler systems in the past and numerous drip systems so I believe I am more than capable to do this as well. Our water output is around 20-22 gpm and pressure is up to 100 psi (obviously I will need a pressure reducer). Initially I will just run this off of a spigot that is near by but eventually I will tie it into a secondary irrigation system I will be adding.

    So basically I am trying to get a little input on what would work best for this situation. Regular pvc and spray heads or some sort of low pressure or drip system? What type of heads work best for narrow but long strips? Also, trenching may be a bit of a challenge as there are a ton of buried large rocks in the area that I am irrigating so is there a good feasible solution that does not require burying the pipe to deep/at all? I will be mowing with a tractor though so I don't know if just laying poly pipe of the ground or in a shallow ditch will work. Lastly, there are large pillars every thirty feet that may interfere with spray heads unless they are spaced to accomodate them. Any other advice you guys can give me would be great. Thanks.

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    You won't get 22 gpm and 100 psi out of a hosebib. Also, what about backflow?

    PVC with Rainbird 1804's, spaced across from each other in a triangle pattern. I would probably use 9SSTor 15SST nozzles on most of them, with some 10 VANS in the corners.

    Rent a vibratory plow.

    No. Please don't.

    How big are these? Are they in the middle of the median or to the side? It should be fairly easy to water around them with proper head placement.
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    It can be done with one strip of heads per side. How many really depends on your tolerance for overspray, as well as the grade of the area to be watered. If you can't/don't want to throw water past the area to be grass, you'll need quite a few heads, on both sides.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    First off, I measured the output and PSI of the hydrant and that is what it was. It is from a frost free hydrant that comes off our main line before it enters the house and is reduced. And I do plan on using a backflow preventer.

    I looked up the Rainbird heads and the 9SSTs look perfect, maybe the 15SSTs if I can narrow the strip a little. I think I will probably just put them on the edges of the driveway and have them spray away from the drive. I don't really mind if the grass fades as it moves away from the drive or if I get some overspray.

    The columns are 28" square and 35" tall. They are located in the middle of the strip. I will do my best to work around them and place the heads where they will get the most coverage on all sides of them. The backside of the columns will probably get missed a little but I can live with that.

    So my only real problem is going to be ditching. By large rocks I mean some boulders that are several feet across. I can usually zig zag around them but it is a PITA. I would rather not rent a ditcher or plow fo such a short run so I will probably start out trying to use my FEL on my tractor to dig a ditch/trench. It will be sloppy but it is just ungraded dirt now.

    Thanks again for the help.

  5. Dirty Water

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    A hydrant coming right off the feed line is going to have readings like that, when you said "spigot" I pictured one mounted on the wall, fed by a mile of 1/2" copper or pex.

    15 SST's would be perfect in that situation,

    This is why I would have done traingular spacing with heads on both sides...A 1804 is only 3 bucks or so.

    Rent a mini excavator or a backhoe for ditching with rocks like that, and 150' (done twice, for each side of the driveway) seems like a good enough reasion to rent the proper machine to me.
  6. bicmudpuppy

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    Is renting a vibratory plow an option? If one row throwing out is "good enough" for your application, run the plow blade right against the driveway. Those "boulders" you are refering to should be far enough away from the drive or deep enough to allow you to cover an irrigation lateral. You might not get more than 6" of cover, but by being in the form ditch of the driveway, you should be clear of large rocks to a depth of 8" or so. A DW 410 or equivalent will move a rock a lot larger than you would think if you pull slow and let it ride in the wake of the excavation that had to take place to put the driveway in.

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