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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allprogreens, Jan 24, 2008.

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    All Pro Industries will offer a solid addition to your commercial and residential projects.

    We manufacture professional synthetic grass turf.

    Synthetic grass is one of the most efficient solutions to the drought affecting much of the United States. Completely eliminating the need for watering – synthetic grass offers a green landscape all year round with no dead spots, weeds, mowing, irrigation, or chemicals – it’s virtually maintenance-free.

    Blade Runners Lawn Service in Louisville, Kentucky experienced harsh drought conditions in the Spring & Summer. They turned thier focus from lawn maintenance to Synthetic turf installations. The results speak for themself:
    2006 - 25% of sales from synthetic lawns & golf greens or $100,600.00
    2007 - 58% of sales from synthetic lawns & golf greens or $256,000.00

    You can download our “Lawnscapes” Pictorial magazine in PDF format:

    Also, check out our “Lawnscapes” website:

    Please call us for a “Lawnscapes” information packet or any questions.

    All Pro Industries Inc.

  2. WJW Lawn

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    I have a solution too. Rain.
  3. pjslawncare/landscap

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    What happens when the home owner has a dog, do you have to hose it off & vacuum it off or what.
    Personally Im not concerned about a dog mess because I think my big black lab would chew that expesive stuff up in no time anyway.
    Not tring to be a smart ass, but do you ever have damage caused by animals (domestic or wild)
  4. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Also what do you do at the border of the turf when no edging is used such as a transition tothe neighbors natural grass or a bordering wooded lot.
    Dont synthetics heat up more than natural lawns because of the underlined temps created.
    Please outline the benefits versus natural, who knows, I may be interested, my dog as well:laugh:.
  5. grass-scapes

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    Thats not a solution for the lawn maintenance person. Once its installed, if it is so great, there will be no maintenance required from us and its bye bye to the lawn guy.

    Besides, what about the heat build up. The degradation of soil underneath due to lack of air and light.

    Just doesn't seem like a feasable solution to anything but green color year round
  6. TPnTX

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    I know a lady that has it. She lives 2 houses down from Rodger Staubach. Other neighbors include Don Henley and Mark Cubin.

    Anyway Bobbie has probably an acre of this stuff. The rest of her property is heavily landscaped and manicured.

    It sounds..steril.. but it really is nice. She's got a few dogs too.
  7. topsites

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    Yeah, first you need someone who just won the lottery, now put all that BIG money aside because after you pay for materials and labor and taxes etc you really just get paid for the job here, then it eliminates your mowing.

    Those pictures are of a job extremely well done, the one lawn we have around that I've noticed you can see the lines, like a poorly laid carpet what it looks like, exactly, a dang green plastic carpet... I won't even dare say the Lco or whoever put it down did a poor job because I don't see much short of asphalt providing the flat surface you'd need, so I think the lines in this case are actually from someone who really tried and still it didn't look right. But notice it you do, you can't see the lines from far away, but it catches your eye at a distance with the GREEN so you keep wondering and looking.

    Fantastic, but I also prefer rain.
  8. allprogreens

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    In the case of a dog, scoop up the poo and hose off the area. The residue will evacuate through the drainage holes in the turf. We have done a water permability test and water drains through the turf at a rate of 66 inches per hour.

    Synthetic turf may not work all across the country. However, areas like the Southeast and West Coast that suffer from Drought conditions this product is excellent. If you are in these areas, ask yourself this question, "How has the Drought affected your business?" Many lawn maintenance companies have suffered losses of 20%-50% and others have gone out of business.
  9. allprogreens

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    The base for the synthetic lawn is similar to a paver base. We recommend a 4 inch compacted crushed stone base and you want to achieve a 95% compaction. In Georgia the stone Granite or Limestone - 1/4 inch down to dust or stonedust. Recycled Concrete can be used as a base also.

    We work with many Landscape Architects and Developers on Commericial Projects. Architects go through continuing education classes to maintain their status and many are taking "Going GREEN" classes in the Drought stricken areas. They want to be Environmentally Friendly and Water Wise and Synthetic Grass eliminates water usage, an irrigation system, mowing, fertilization, and insect control.

    The synthetic grass turf is very popular on the West Coast. I have contractors installing 2-3 lawns a week. Due to the Drought in the Southeast, Synthetic lawns are a great alturnative. I have a Contractor in Atlanta that has installed over 100 synthetic golf greens in 3 years and will install his first lawn in 2 weeks.
  10. allprogreens

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    I know exactly what you are talking about

    The lines are gaps between the rows of synthetic turf fiber. Several companies use a thin blade fiber, coupled with a product that is not dense to begin with, means you have a cheap looking product. In fact, the products are so thin that you can actually see the infill and if you get a hard rain, the water and infill will take the path of least resistance and run down the rows taking the infill with it. The contractor will have a "Call Back" to reapply the infill.

    Our product is very dense and you would never have this problem or have this look. Even from the photos of lawns, you can see the product is very dense.

    We do Hands-On training classes at our facility. Last week we had contractors from FL.,IN.,MI.,SC.,NC.,TN.,and GA., wanting to know how to install the lawn product because they see a need for it in thier local market

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