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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by launboy, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. launboy

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    Got a lady who is complaining about how when her front lawn was put in it
    was not level with the
    drive way and side walk. You cant edge it with a edger because the lawn is lower than the concrete. She wants me to raise the lawn up along the edges. My suggestion would be use a sod cutter and cut 2-3 swipes along the edges of the sidewalk and drive. Remove the sod and put down dirt ( shallow slope from the concrete into the rest of the lawn) and then if possible use the old sod or get new;pending on how clean i cut it out. Therefore raising the edges and leveling the lawn to drive and walks. Any opinions on this would be great, keep in mind im only raising it 1-2 in. The lady insists i do it, i have never been confronted with this particular situation and i would just like a little info. thanks matt
  2. cpritch

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    I'm getting ready to do that on my own yard. We moved into a new construction home last summer and after some settling, our grass, when it's about 4" high, is about the same height as our driveway and it just drives me insane, not that I'm anal or anything. . . ;)

    Anyway, I've been tossing around the best way to "raise up the yard" myself, and the only thing I've come up with short of tearing out all of the sod, regrading the yard and starting over is exactly what you have suggested. The only thing that has kept me from doing it is that the sloping grade will have to be absolutely perfect (that anal thing again) because it will make me crazy when I'm mowing if I feel any bumps in the yard where I did this. Your homeowner obviously won't notice that since I assume you're mowing her yard. . .go for it. . .unless anyone else has some suggestions???
  3. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I have a new house with my driveway being 160 feet long. I have been planning to bring in dirt to bring the yard up to the driveway (about 4-5") then seeding this fall. I will have to feather it out 5-6 feet from the driveway. I had not thought of the sod cutter deal.......but that seems like something that would have to be completed quickly.......and I think mine is going to be a slow process.

  4. NickN

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    Sounds like you have the right idea.Make sure when you raise the lawn that you don't create a drainage problem back towards the home,like a small swale where water can stand.Also make sure she waters often after the sod is re-installed.Areas near concrete tend to dry out faster.
    Keep a hose nearby so you can water the sod after it's pulled up also.It can dry out pretty quickly.Not a problem on warm season grasses,but I'm assuming she has fescue.
  5. NickN

    NickN LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Alabama
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    Hey cpritch,
    what type of turfgrass do you have?If bermuda or zoysia,you can raise the lawn by simply adding sand to the areas.
  6. cpritch

    cpritch LawnSite Member
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    Tall Fescue. . .:)
  7. AGLA

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    If you have an inch or two to lift along the edge of the sidewalk, you can pry up the sod with a spade and roll it back 12-18", add some soil, flip it back over, saturate it in and smooth it out. It is pretty easy and you don't need to yank on a pull cord or turn a key.
  8. gammon landscaping

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    i sew a lot of new construction. so usually we grade the yard before the concrete is poured so i have to go back and build the sides of the driveways and walkways back. if you are bringing in dirt just do the math it will take alot more dirt than you think. and i think that tappering it our 5 feet is ok if it is sloping of that side but if it is really flat it will look odd to just go 5 feet
  9. launboy

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    hey all thanks for the feed back. the yard isn't really big and it half a duplex, and the drives of both sides of the duplex are joined as one big drive up the middle of the unit. both ladys on both sides want it done. but anyhow, the yards are a perfect square im pretty sure the middle of it is the highest point where a tree sits and slopes slightly down on all sides. definitly be gradeing it away from the house though. as far as the shoveling back the lawn, i will never again cut out sod with a shovel its sod cutter all the way. got pretty good the last 2 years after i had to cut out some sod with clay, never again with a shovel. you save alot of time and back breaking work.
    thanks matt
  10. bladeheart

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    check you pm's please!

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