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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LFalcon426, Dec 15, 2006.

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    I run my husband's lawn and landscape business from home. Last season I sent out about 200 letters to local realtors advertising our services. I only sent 200 because I wanted to test how much business this type of advertising would bring in. Of those 200 I received 5 responses. One of them was a property manager and has been a customer of ours for a year now and pays about $400/ month to take care of five rental properties. Another was a realtor looking to spruce up a few of her properties to sell. We did some pressure washing and cleaned up the landscape on 3 of her properties for $1000. Those realtors have referred us to other realtors and their clients. Those clients referred us to their neighbors and so on. This month alone we've had 3 small sod jobs which brought in almost $4000. These jobs came from the property manager that we sent a letter to. When sending these letters, go to the broker's website and get each individual realtor's name and send a letter to each of them, even if there's 30 realtors at that address. On the envelope, print your return address, but not the company's name. This will keep them from just tossing it as junk mail. Make the letter look professional and attach a business card. Anymore questions or ideas...just ask!
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    Thanks for tips!
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    Sounds good, I will try that for this coming season. I agree I have 2 management companies now, but I did not advertise for them.

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