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Hey everybody, my first post on the forum. Been itching to do this and finally gave in. Please read this. I know it is long, but I need the help. I appreciate your help.

I'll start with a little background. My name is Evan, I'm 20 years old, and from Alabama. I have loved construction from the time I found out about it. At 16, I got into some trouble with my parents, and was told I needed a summer job. I found an ad for a job doing fencing, started working, within a month I was a favorite of everyones, from the owner to the subs. It was great. School came and went, I worked in agriculture, was very involved in it, went on to be a manager of a small family farm, the farmer also owned a construction company. I graduated while working. I then went and bought my first truck which I paid cash for in full, a 2007 f-350. I went to college, it wasn't for me. I was diagnosed with a clinical depression along with ADD. The school is an hour and a half away and I was working 70-80 hour weeks. I let my selfishness get in the way of the job and went on to lose it.

That was february second of this year. As of march 8 of this year, I have made around 10,000 dollars on my own. I do skid steer work, construction cleanup, landscaping, etc. I have a great contact at a large rental company and have rented equipment constantly since my start. I currently have 5 jobs to bid on by the end of the week, and 3 more already lined up. I know the skid steer business is something that is constantly put down here, but I have made it a decent business venture I would think.

I have a few questions, and am open to any and all information.
1. What's next? Do I stick with this? I'm currently renting equipment, and have access to a dozer, trackhoes, mini x's, skid steers with tons of attachments, trenchers, backhoes, and tractors. Do I buy equipment? I bought a very heavy duty trailer a few weeks ago and a demo saw for $350. Finished painting and lights today, now for decking. I really don't want to go back to school, My dad went without it until the age of 35, when he decided he wanted a desk job, and is a business owner with great income, large house, and little debt. Both grandfathers were executives in large businesses, one in a large telephone company, the other in a large brake company. Even my grandmother was a partial owner of a bank, business owning is in my blood.
2. I don't want to spend my life in Alabama, I've been dating a beautiful girl for a few years now, who is going to college to be a surgeon, she showed me a part of Georgia and I truly fell in love. My dad owned a timber company when I was younger and I eventually would like to be in the business, Georgia is a great place for that, and with the development around Atlanta, I think it would be great. I'd like to relocate in 4-5 years. Should I begin looking that direction, build a company and sell, or keep it relatively small (praying for the good Lord to bless this venture has gotten me through the rough patches)?
3. I'm currently looking for a shop. I have the option of buying and building, my dad and grandparents have both offered to invest or finance my venture, but I would prefer to rent. I live in the country, but have been unable to find anything. Where/how should i go about finding this? Also on the topic of money, what equipment should I be looking for? The skid steer is by far what I use most, but my trackhoe availability has landed some of the largest jobs.
4. How should I be marketing? I'm almost completely reliant upon Craigslist at this point. I have considered Houzz, Homeadvisor, Angieslist, and Facebook. Should I try to get a sign posted somewhere? I also have been talking to contractors and getting my name out there that way.
5. I have taken lots of landscaping, but that isn't the route I want to end up on, At what point can I steer towards contracting type work, development, etc.?

Thank you for reading this, I know it was a lot. I'm a lost 20 year old trying to find his way. My plans were originally to be at Mississippi State right now, but because of the circumstances, that is off the table. Now I'm a bit lost and confused. God has blessed me with an opportunity, and I'm trying my best to be responsible with it and take advice from the "old pros"

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