Some Advice Plz $500 For 52" Toro Wb

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kevin11946ny, May 1, 2007.

  1. kevin11946ny

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    There Is A 52" Toro Wb Older Model Atleast 10 Years Old. He Owned It And Used It For His Business Said It Starts On The 2nd Pull Everytime And Took Care Of It.

    If This Mower Is In Good Shape Would You Consider This A Steal, Ok Of A Deal?

    Currently Only Have A 22" Toro Wb.

    If This Cuts Well It Should Be Perfect Get A Lot More Done And Not Invest A Arm And A Leg.

    How Are The Older Version Toro Wb 12.5 Hp Kawaskisis In Terms Of Durability And Depandability.


    Im Sure He Will Take $450 In Cash.
  2. edward hedrick

    edward hedrick LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a Toro like that one it has an electric start 18 Koh. I bought it in 2002

    for 1500. for 450 great buy I would run the Kawi till it quits then replace it with a 15 or 17 v twin. It is the mower that was able to cut high grass.

    I used the toro and a Scag Sthm. Ed
  3. jvorwald7

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    from Georgia
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    i would be careful. about 4 yrs ago i thought i was dreaming when i saw a 600 walkbehind in the paper. it started on the second pull, looked clean, and drove awesome at first. to make the long story short, after a new engine, transmission, various trips to the shop for servicing, and little other things i have put about 1500 into my mower. if i could have done it all over again i would have just forked up the money and bout a new or a good barely used one. hope this helps

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