Some care, some don't.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mkroher, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. mkroher

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    This post is a rant. I have some customers that just don't care about lawn care. They hire me because it's the "thing to do"; having a little sign hanging off the end of a stick in front of their brand new house in the suburbs.

    Then I have the great customers, that think that every pellet that flies out of my spreader is like gold. Whatever I say matters. Whatever I do matters. If I told them if they ran around their lawn 3 times a day butt naked would give them the ultra green color...they would do it. If I even suggest something that would improve their lawn.. "oh wow definately do it whoo hoo yes!"

    I know you can't have every customer that's passionate about the lawn as much as you are. Today I did one and thought to myself "why am I even here?..oh look, a little weed, how cute..who cares...they won't...let it live".

    This was my rant. Hopefully I'll be able to replace these customers with the ones that are willing to run around their lawn naked...for me.
  2. gregory

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    the ones who don't care take there money anyways its the thing to do...getting your customers to run around there yard naked 3 times well that will depend on what they look like if you get some lookers then by all means post the pics or hell put up a video........

    hell i am just a home owner i care more about my lawn and do a better job then most of the lawn guys here in town i have more commerical equipment then most of them also
  3. americanlawn

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    Great post!!! Seems the customers that really care about you as well as their lawn.... actually mow correctly instead of butchering their lawn with weedeaters & bad mowing. Customers who do not follow proper mowing practices are seldom happy, and they tend to shop around every spring trying to find a "miracle cure" for their bad habits.
  4. rcreech

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    If you have any hot chicks as customers that care about their lawn....I would still tell them about running around the house naked.

    Its worth a shot. LOL!!!

    No, I know exactly what you mean. The funny thing is I have a lot of customers that LOVE their lawn, but won't listen to me.

    I have won a bunch of them over and got them to move the deck up, but I still have a few that won't listen. They mow their lawn every three days and scalp it.

    I just gave up on it with them and keep applying.
  5. mkroher

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    I do have a few hotties...that I would LOVE to see run around naked. I just thought of another example. had one today...showed up...sidewalk edges were COVERED in grass clippings. The lawn is perfect, except for this huge eyesore of 3" of dead grass caked to the insides of the edges. I grabbed my backpack, blew the snot out of it, raked it up, threw it in HIS garbage can. When he came out i said I don't ever want to see your sidewalk look like that again..ever! He's learning though; earlier this year he had the typical narrow strips of grass clumps up and down his lawn from the push mower. haha.. i called him after I saw it and told him to start bagging before his lawn turns to crap.

    rcreech..there's a lot of houses on the market up here in CT, and a million chemlawn customers still waiting for that 'switch'. *nudge*
  6. quiet

    quiet LawnSite Senior Member
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    NOOOOOOO! I work in a retirement community! The fat old ladies in their MuuMuus are bad enough!
  7. PHS

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    A new neighbor that moved in down the street quickly ruined the nice St Augustine lawn by mowing at about 1.25" a couple times a week. After 4" of rain yesterday the kids were out playing football on what's left of it!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like today when I walk by with the dog :) .
  8. vermonta

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    I've been in business 21 years this year and one of the things I like about who I do work for is, I don't have to keep pita customers. I love it. :)
  9. ampeg76

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    i see everyone feels the pain of doing a great job, schooling your customers, and they still get out there and scalp the hell out of there lawn:(

    it just kills me, then you hear the "why does my st. augustine lawn, in the middle of august, look bad after i took it down to 1.5 inches from a height of 5 inches, with a dull blade, and have not irrigated for two weeks!?!?!"

    you just cannot reach some people, i try to sniff them out when i sell them, but you can have a fast one pulled on you, they want magic fairy dust:)
  10. mikesturf

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    Brilliant statement. I love getting rid of PITA customers. You need to "weed" out your annoying customers. If you fert 100 lawns one week, and on the weekend you are still bitching about the 1 lawn you treated on Monday because they never water, mow short, etc.-time to get rid of that customer and replace him with someone you like to work for. That bad customer is in some unconscience way making you look and feel like an inferior landscaper.

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