Some customers do not relate time to cost

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DynaMow, Aug 20, 2006.

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    It seems like being in the service industry that customers do not relate time to costs. We must change this, each one of us.

    This is what I look at. If I go to Wendy's for a double cheeseburger they only put one piece of cheese on it, so I must order extra cheese to get it like I want and it costs me $.30 for that extra. Well I do not complain, I just except it how it is. They used extra cheese and there is a cost involved. But I get my double cheeseburgers with ketchup only. How come I do not get a discount for not using lettuce, mustard, pickle, or onion? Why don't they just call it even? Now I needed to go have my two new tires aired up after I replaced them (my nozzle broke) so I go down to the corner tire store and they pump some air into them. NO CHARGE!

    Now if we cut down a hanging branch we are expected to be like the tire shop. To be quite honest I did not expected to be charged by the tire shop. If they would of charged me for 4 minutes to put air in I would of been pissed and thought ill of them. Is it the same with us?
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    I believe that this is the way that most customers think of us, but I don't believe it is the way that we should run our businesses. I couldn't say if it was the right approach for the tire shop, even though it shouldn't cost that much for a little air. Just the same, the employ was using time on the job to take care of it. If you were to take your truck in to the shop for an oil change and ask them to check the air filter and anti-freeze they will likely charge you for it. If you are at a customers house to mow their lawn, it makes since to charge extra if they ask for extra work to be done.
    I would guess in the end, it is just best to evaluate the situation that is at hand. If the customer is likely to just want a small one time extra that fits the lawn service description, it might not hurt to do it for good customer relations. If the customer seems to be the type that will ask frequently for extras I would charge.

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    I don't sweat the piddly, occasional requests. You can look at it like provide good service and take care of the customer, then when you jack their price up $5 they're probably going to stay with you, because you take care of them.

    Of course your time is worth something but to just grab some loppers out of the truck and cut one branch, or something like that, I'm not charging for that.
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    Good thought. That way you are making the extra money even on days that you don't get the extra jobs!

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