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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Chuck Sinclair, Apr 1, 2002.

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    I went on a maintenance bid (Weekly full service) yesterday, I looked over the yard (About 1K of grass) not much at all to do told them my price and they said fine when can you start.
    I told them my price was year round even in winter and they said ok no problem, then I told them I would not be SCALPING the yard like they ok let go with it here is your check for April.
    Last night they leave a message to cancel because I cut too tall I call him back and tell him ok fine and he said put the check on mom in-laws account I say ok bye.

    This morning he calls leaves a message and says lets go ahead and go with it after all :rolleyes: I never called back cuz I was going to tell him I'm all booked up, so tonight he calls and leaves a message to CANCEL and put the check on mom in-laws account again :confused: I just love PITAS like this
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    I just had a similar problem arise. I am getting $1564 to apply 17 yards of mulch to one of my customers landscapes. I've been mowing his yard for two seasons now. He called me Saturday and said that he just got a bid for $670 and that he would be having them do it. I said ok and ended the conversation. He called back about fifteen minutes later and asked me why I was putting it down at a 2 inch rate and not 1-1.5 inches like the other guy. I responded with "well, Mr Bellings, I want you to have some mulch left in your beds when winter arrives so your plants will have more protection from the cold". He told me to go ahead and do the job and asked me how soon I could start. I told him that I could have the mulch delivered first thing Tuesday morning but I would need a fifty percent deposit to start the job (I didn't want him to feel like he could back out again as easily). I immediately got in my car and picked up a check for $782. i then called my mulch company and set up delivery for 7:00 Tuesday morning with him standing two feet from me. I hope he doesn't us a calculator and find out that the other guy will probably beat my price by about $500 to put it down at 2 inches.

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