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    The customer has to pay for the disposal of the material regardless unless the contractor wants to work for free so when I explain to the customer how I am bidding and why very few have a problem with it and if they do then I do not want to work for them.
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    One of the issues I run up against in Texas is competing against a yahoo that will take all of the material and dump it on his property, his dad's property, his uncle's best friend's property or my favorite, dump it in the woods on the side of a quiet country road. I just bid a small demo where maybe 50 yds of debris is involved (house that burned to the ground). There is a lot of metal I can separate but I was told by the owner that one of the guys he talked to said he could rent a bobcat and haul the material off cheap because he will just bury it on his property.

    I have zero tolerance for that type of competition. I get as much information as I can and report them to TCEQ (Texas EPA). If I have to follow the rules because a) it's God's green earth and I respect that and try to make a positive difference; and b) I'm high profile enough with signage, incorporation, and websites that I have to follow rules anyway, then by gosh the guy I am competing needs to follow the rules. I'll watch the jobsites. If I lose the bid and suspect the playing field wasn't level, I'll see what's up.
    It's bad down here. Lots of land, arroyos, creeks. These idiots dump anything and everything in them so demo has been tough to break into if I want to break even much less bring in a profit.

    The other thing is being properly insured. That's a big cost. My policy is with Lloyds of London and their underwriters visited my website and DID NOT like demolition mentioned but it is imperative to be properly insured for demo work and it's not cheap. I had to explain to them that I'm not taking down high rises or overpasses. I'm knocking farm houses down..

    Then there was the asbestos disclosure... more to compete against. I don't want lung cancer nor do I want a fine for improper asbestos handling.. that should be a separate discussion here. Been researching that, too, to get my ducks in a row. A lot to think about on this topic.
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    Good luck reporting people for dumping on their own property.
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    Here in Ga you have to have a hazrdous material letters don through inspections buy licensed companies. One of the catch 22's here in Ga is a large Demo company got licensed for the insepctions. :rolleyes:

    All the old houses here had plenty of lead paint, asbestos siding and many had asbestos in the mud under tile floors. I stick to the simpler demos on newer structures, barns , etc.
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    Hehe yup the new lead paint rules make it impossible to strip old paint in my home state. The local news did a story on it and painting contractors are not bidding it. Homeowners are doing it themselves or leaving it. A local abestos contractor is up in arms because his new niche business isnt panning out at his rates and the evil homeowners are "lowballing" his safety standards.
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    Used drywall (Gypsum board) is the hardest thing to get rid of get caught disposing of it illegally your in some deep chit. It cost 265 dollars a ton to get rid of used drywall, once it gets wet then it is considered toxic waste it makes it even harder to get rid of.

    Tires are another thing that is expensive to get rid of a rubber tired backhoe size tire will cost you 240 each a regular pickup truck tire 3 to 4 dollars per tire.

    I have been pretty well put out of business on the garbage hauling by the lowballers and homeowners doing it themselves. The lowballers work for 10-12 dollars per hour and take stuff they haul away from the homeowner to some back roads to dump it. Anything I haul is disposed of properly one of the reasons why I'am more expensive.

    Homeowners would rather make 10 trips to the landfill hauling the garbage away from their house reno they are having done. They end up burning what they think they are saving in fuel.

    Almost 95% of the jobsites you can't use a 40 yard rolloff bin the truck either can't get through the driveway or there isn't enough room. Seen homeowners haul away 40 yards of debris with a single axle utility trailer or they spend days burning. Anything to save money by hiring a person like myself at 70 dollars per hour.

    With the price of scrap metal prices being what they are you can get rid of any scrap metal for free people will come and haul it away for free. No frigging way I'am I going to haul it away for free.

    Too many idiots out there working for peanuts, sorry I don't work for no profit, homeowners love it with these other guys out there working for half or quarter the price I do.

    There is one guy out there and karma is going to hit him hard, he is lowballing everybody and pizzing a lot of people off.
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    Okay, this is way off topic but I can't let sarcasm like that go.

    It's not hard to see the trucks roll off a site with material and then dump on a site and people are so ignorant about the rules, they often announce their intentions. It takes one call or one email to TCEQ to open an investigation which MUST be followed through on (and they do NOT need a warrant to visit the property.) Violations can be stiff not to mention some acts are criminal. Protecting the environment is serious business. That's why tipping fees at landfills are so high. 20 years ago things were cheap but EPA phase II plus liner requirements, sorting requirements in some areas, and covering materials make dumping most things fairly expensive.

    The Texas environment police have already shut down (and fined) illegal quarries, illegal dump sites where yahoos where dumping oil and chemical waste and shut down illegal tire sites, illegal brush dumping sites, etc. Google "Helotes Mulch Fire".
    There are rules that we all NEED to follow to keep our aquifers, streams, and water supplies contaminant free.
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    Thats one of the reason's I can't win hardly any demo jobs. I've buried some concrete and blocks on a job or two but thats really not bad in my opinion. I've knocked down and piled up a few barns and set them on fire on farms before. OF course all thats left is the tin from the roof and then that gets recycled. For the people that just pull over and dump it in a road ditch, now thats wrong and really makes a place look like a dump. Sure enough once one pile hits the ground more will follow.
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    A local excavator/dumpster operation around here made millions in the 90's by taking the dumpsters to his little pit and burning it, then burring the rest. Did that for years without any one knowing until the DNR caught him. Others had to separate and pay $25 a ton to dump. I live on a remote road and the low life scrappers are always dumping tires on my road. there are a lot of losers out there in business.
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    clean fill isn't the issue in my opinion. it's illegal to burn structures here without a permit and I think only the fire department can get a permit for their own training. Our neighbor tried to burn an old mobile home. :nono: I wasn't here but I heard about it from a lot of other neighbors and the the fire department. That's a host of fines from the fire marshal.

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