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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by HOOLIE, Nov 23, 2004.


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    With all the threads on how to get business, I decided to go in my database and compile a list of how I got each customer. This is my 3rd season in business, working solo. 65 active residential customers as of now. Just for reference for those starting up. Most customers have been with me at least 2 years.

    Flyers- 28 customers (43%)
    Referrals- 11 (17%)
    Saw truck/Saw me working- 11 (17%)
    Community newsletter- 5 (7.5%)
    Friend/Relative- 5 (7.5%)
    Took over previous owner's contract- 3 (4.5%)
    Rental home (2nd house) for existing customer- 2 (3%)

    I rounded off so might not add to 100%.
  2. olderthandirt

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    Good info for the new and old guys

  3. Green-Pro

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    Great info Hoolie, I'm saving this thread for sure as a reference. It also seems to validate a whole lot of my research.

    Question about flyers, how do you distribute them? grocery stores, local weekly advertising rags? I thought of going the weekly Ad rag way, as well as the grocery/quik trip, but am open to any suggestions that would be most effective.

    I also thought I might distribute some business cards with some local Realtors and leave some (with permission) at convenience store counters.

    Thanks for the helpful post

  4. tiedeman

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    whether out or new everybody, every year should keep track of how the customers noticed them or become customers. Great thread Hoolie!
  5. walker-talker

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    Yes...I would like to know also?
  6. twwlawn

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    Good thread. I have Act software for this purpose, but I never broke it down to %'s. I just have #'s.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I hired 2 different guys to distibute flyers for me. They had been doing this for the old LCO I worked for, so I was comfortable with them. This worked well to get me off the ground, cost was $25 per 1,000 flyers. They came to my house to pick them up as well. They don't overlap in their distribution areas (they are father-in-law and son-in-law), so I could hit a variety of areas. I wish I'd kept the areas a little tighter, but live and learn. I haven't used these guys in a while, now I just hit a few select streets here and there to keep new business close.
  8. Lawn-Scapes

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    Here's mine with current clients:

    Fliers: 8

    Referals: 8

    Saw me: 6

    Website: 3

    I solicited: 3

    Purchased: 3

    Friend of family: 1
  9. tiedeman

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    sounds like you have it together
  10. HOOLIE

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    Actually, I think the flyer guy's have it together. I picked up one of their flyer packets once, there were 40 different flyers in it. 40 x $25= $1000 for that delivery, and he delivers 3 times a week. So he must be grossing around 3k a week. Monday/Tuesday he drives around picking up clients flyers, and stuffing them into the plastic sleeves. Delivers Wed - Fri. He's "retired" as he describes it, this is just something to keep him busy.

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