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some fun repair pics

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by frumdig, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. frumdig

    frumdig LawnSite Member
    from nunya
    Messages: 161

    well i thought ild share a few pics from the past weeks repairs, been raining its ass off here in the south this past few weeks.

    this was my first root-ectimy or something :) pretty self explanitory. root was growing right down the trench line with 3 laterals. im gonna bet theres more damage further down the ditch. it was also my first system with some old brass weathermatic valves. had to do a locate to replace a bad solenoid as well. gotta be 20 years old plus.

    next one was a newer system, less than 5 years old. We did a remodel on an area in the backyard. they had someone do a bunch of hardscaping around the pool. i guess they broke some pipes during construction and made the repairs themselves. (wasnt called in till everything was done)
    well two rotor zones on one side of the property were performing poorly. one zone i managed to flush a bunch of crap out the end of the line and all was well. the other zone i had one rotor running at full pressure the rest wouldnt even pop-up. tried flushing out the end to no avail, water was just trickling out of the end. there was probably 40' of pipe and an 'L' between the head that worked, and the next head. i first decided to check out the area where i thought the 'L' was, turned out to be a 45 which was kinda bent around a bed on the corner. but no major blockage at the joint. fished a piece of wire thru the pipe till it wouldnt go any further. and dug down at that point. found this gem clogged with a large piece of gravel,a bunch of fine gravel and sand. had to have been installed this way. :confused:

    last one, guy had a slow leak by his driveway, dug down to find water coming from under the driveway. :clapping: no sleaves either. there were two pipes, main line and service line from the meter at the street, to the side of his house where the RP was. Upon some further inspection, thinking the leak might only be a few feet under the driveway, i found this one. my guess is they first installed the service line to the RP. Around here code does not allow any other pipes in the same ditch as drinking water, this includes bores and sleaves. So everyone gets their inspection and then throws the rest of the pipes in the ditch. they must have just rebored for the main line right next to the service line. as far back as i could dig (~2 ft) the pipe looked like this. so we had some fun re-boring. i saw an RP inspection tag from 97' so its been operating like this for quite some time.

    service work is much more rewarding than installs. :drinkup:



  2. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    I didn't know PVC would collaps like that, thanks for posting
  3. Wet_Boots

    Wet_Boots LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 50,267

    I wonder how sch 40 would do.
  4. frumdig

    frumdig LawnSite Member
    from nunya
    Messages: 161

    in the 2nd pic, that one zone was operating 'fine' as best i could tell in seasons past. Ive been servicing that house for 2 years now.

    the 3rd pic. that was my first time at the house. and it apparently hasnt leaked since at least 1997 (judging by the test report tag on the RP). i ran a few zones prior to finding the leak, but didnt visually notice a major pressure issue. was probably only 10' of pipe compressed like that.

    i think a picture album of some of these odd repairs would do well for doubting customers.

  5. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    I have a proptery that leaks water through the slab....Holiday inn. I have talked to the owner he's Not really conserned. " We provide lawn care to them too" with the way the system is routed. " or what I think" I'm sure there is a leak under the slab. it's a drv way where everyone has to come and go. we have been having a drout and YES it's always wet there....

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