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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kickin Your Grass, Jul 14, 2006.

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    I posted a few days ago on how I got taken for some equipment. Here is the thread if you missed it:

    Today at 9am I received a call from a detective at our local police department. Guess what he said.........

    (Officer) Mr. Allen, we recovered one of your trimmers. I need to set up a time for you to come pick it up! :clapping:

    (Me) Great! I figured I would never see any of it again....

    (Officer) We have arrested the person responsible and he won't be getting out any time soon................:clapping:

    To make a long story short: The theif some how got in to a scuffle with another local LCO owner a few days ago. During the scuffle the thief pulled out a handgun and assulted the LCO owner but didn't actually use the gun. Some how he was caught either during the scuffle or after. Anyways he was arrested for assult and the police got a search warrent to search his house because he just got out of the pen a few months ago. Guess what they found........ Stolen lawn equipment! It looks like he has been busy. It turns out he has been taking the stuff to flea markets and making a killing. The officer said they will be charging him with 6 counts of theft and 1 count of assult and he should be spending alot more time where he belongs! I hope this guy gets :hammerhead: every day......:laugh:
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    Awesome!!! Lock His A** Up!
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    thats great!!!!!!:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
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    Every time a thread like this comes up, everyone chimes in about how they wish they could get ahold of the guy. Be careful what you wish for. The other guy may be bigger, badder, or more prepared than you are.

    If you pull a gun or weapon to defend your stuff and not your life, you are going to jail. If you pull a gun or weapon second..... You are probably going to the morgue.

    If you ever want to get an idea how you stand, go play a couple of rounds of paintball. At the end of the day, take a look back and figure out how things would have gone if everyone had real guns. I think most people would gain a whole lot more (not saying you don't already respect them) respect for our Law Enforcement and our soldiers.

    Some things are best left for the police who are trained for this stuff....
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    Well said!
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    A Friend of mine well up in his 80's now is a retiree from the US Army. He was in WW2 and Korea.

    He was having trouble with his next door neighbor's grandkids. But got the problem solved somehow without lifting a finger on them. He probably wouldn't be near as easy on a thief or someone threatening him or his family.

    He told me when talking about those neighbor's grandkids
    why I've killed Krauts and Gooks a hell of a lot better than those little bastards.

    Some people better not fool around with people they do not know.


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