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    Houston, America's fourth largest city, has the worst problem with ground-level ozone, a main ingredient in smog. Under pressure to meet federal standards, the state has submitted a plan to Washington requiring a 90 percent cut in industrial emissions in the Houston area by 2007 and restricting highway speeds and the use of lawn mowers and construction equipment.
    construction equipment.

    A 1998 study ranked Texas 49th in per capita spending on state parks. Like recent predecessors, Bush has not aggressively added parkland.


    Texas failed to perform full background checks on 407 people, some of whom had prior criminal convictions but were granted concealed handgun licenses under a law Bush signed in 1995.

    Of those, 71 had convictions that should have excluded them from having a concealed gun permit, state officials said.


    Texas has the second highest rate of children without health insurance in the country, and the second highest rate for its overall population.

    In fact, the percentage of children without coverage rose to about 25 percent last year from 21 percent in 1994. The percentage of all Texans without insurance has improved slightly, to 23.3 percent, raising the state from last place.

    Nationally, the uninsured ranks had risen, too, until the first decline in at least 12 years last year. About 15.5 percent of Americans have no health insurance.

    Texas was late starting the federal-state Children's Health Insurance Program. Under Democratic pressure, it is offered to families with income up to 200 percent of the poverty level. Bush initially supported having it cover children only up to 150 percent of that level. But he signed the 200-percent version.

    Friday, October 13, 2000

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    I just laugh when I read your posts Charles. Your definitely not going to sway my vote, SORRY.
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    Being in Texas I know how things are going down here.

    Fact 1: Numbers Don't Lie....

    Fact 2: Behind Every Stat There is another Stat....

    Fact 3: The Stat Behind The Stat always contradicts.

    I guess you found three things that are "bad" about Bush...
    but what are his reasons for those numbers..he may have diverted the money towards better spending plans...
    What are the resons for no insurance...government fault or family fault.

    Didn't we hear about this during the debate?

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    If you check, you'll find that Texas has a walk in off the street plan that covers all for hospitals. Also, many of the so called Texans of the 23 persent, are illegal imigrants who don't want anything to do with accountability.
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    I am not trying really to change minds. Just supplying information. We should all make an informed vote. Whether it is for Gore or for Bush. Eric, maybe we can vote he at lawnsite around Oct 25. Including the snowplow guys. Be cool to see if we are close to the nationwide results % wise. Might be fun
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    Internet is biased towards republicans and conservatives, as they are the majority on-line. A study showed republicans tend to visit sites on how to increase revenue (wealth) while democrats tended to visit stes offering freebies.

    Any internet poll will invariably favor the conservative candidate (as well it should).
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    This site is largely comprised of small-business owners, who tend to be more Republican-oriented.

    If they had to vote for one or the other, my estimate would be 87% Bush, 13% Gore.

    If you go to my son's school and poll the teachers, it'd probably be just the opposite.

    Just the way it is.

    At any rate, I stand by my March 11, 2000 prediction which is 48.5% Bush, 46% Gore, 5.5% Other. (Popular Vote)
  8. Charles

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    Lazer, if it is that close Bush will probably lose. I have read where bush can win the popular vote and still lose the election by not winning certain states with enough electorate votes need to win. Eric when I suggested a poll. We could do it by email to you so as not to take up so much space on here. Just put who you vote for in the subject line so it can be deleted easily. The 25th would be a good time to start and give everyone enough time to vote before election time.
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    On the issue of smog, traffic congestion and traffic fatalities the only quick solution I could come up with on short notice would be to ban women drivers. And I think it would be worth the inconvenience to women if it would save just one life.

    Gun Control is an oxymoron. People either have guns or they are controlled by those who do. Here is a short list of world leaders who were in favor of gun control: Hitler, Stalin Moa tse Tungs and Clinton and the UN.

    Health Insurance is a socialist scheme to spread the cost to every one. When I was younger a person would go into the dentist office for a filling, and as you were leaving you would pay something around $8.00 to $12.00. Now it cost over $100.00 to get your teeth cleaned. Without health insurance the medical profession would have to lower their fees to get customers. That would be capitalism. With insurance there is no restraint on cost and look at the resulting price increases.

    As for big oil companies, I understand on average they make 13 cents profit/gallon where as the gov't makes about 43 cents profit/gallon now please tell me who is gouging us.

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    The lawnguy said: A study showed republicans tend to visit sites on how to increase revenue (wealth) while democrats tended to visit stes offering freebies.

    ROTFLMAO! How very typical... :D

    parkwest: Excellent post. Not only informative, but a touch of humor, too. That is, if you're joking about the women drivers... ;)

    I'm in favor of the LawnSite Election 2000. Regardless of who I eventually decide to vote for, this would be interesting...



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