Some interesting high vs. low price / hour figures

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, May 3, 2006.

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    Ok so yesterday I cut 6 yards, larger lots... Got to the first one by 10am, got home near dark. Total gross receipts: $360.00

    Today I cut 9 yards, smaller lots. Got to the first one by 9am, got home about an hour before dark so about the same hours. Total gross receipts: $325.00

    Last year, on an average day I'd cut 10 yards, various sizes but slightly lower prices. If I got to the first one by 9am, I'd get home near dark and total gross receipts might be $300.00'ish, maybe a little more but I recall having mental problems with the average always hovering around $30 / yard.

    Stuff of note:
    - Higher prices means less work but still better totals.
    - More windshield time on smaller lots means less gross, less total.
    - Larger lots are one-stop shopping, more work at a time but man...
    - Fuel-wise, I dare say the smaller lot days eat more due to truck.
    - Work-wise, I feel about equally tired.

    Price higher, and get into bigger lots.

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