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    First off, I would like to begin by saying thanks. Before I jumped into the business, less than a month ago, I spent much time pouring over this site. Again, thank you all.

    Long story short, we used to own a pecan farm, started a pecan candy business, sold the farm (literally), kept the Candy business, and have done well with Pecan Candy for the past seven years. Needless to say, that spring, summer and fall is alot less busy than lets say, mid November through December.

    Had pondered starting a lawn service for years, and mid June, finally decided to act.

    Bought a 2008 Toro 48" Z Master with a 21 hp Kawasaki with 109 hours on it for $5100 off of Craigslist. Mint condition. Did I do ok?? I feel like I got a great deal. Any thoughts?

    From there came the new trailer, stick edger, and blower. Already had the Toro Personal Pace, and an Echo Trimmer.

    Three weeks later, went from zero to 7 accounts.

    Again, many thanks to all of the insight on Lawnsite

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    Welcome and good luck with your start up!

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