some late help for drought stricken areas from devistting Isaac

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    Go to [URL=""/URL] for the latest on Isaac. We have good news, in the face of significant destruction and hardship along the coast, It appears that Isaac will bring flooding but beneficial rainfall to a large swath of the southern US form Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, north trough Arkansas, Missouri, eastern Kansas, eastern Oklahoma, North into Iowa, Illinois and east through Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey before it departs the East Coast on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Expect 14 inches of rain over a swath of land as Tropical Storm Isaac moves towards Baton Rouge, and into southwest Arkansas stretching from Central Louisiana to southern Missouri. From just south of a line stretching from Springfield Missouri to St. Louis Missouri.. from tonight Sunday brings another 5 to 9 inches to the region from Missouri and Illinois into Iowa and Indiana. By Tuesday, Weather Briefings is ALERTING all persons from Louisiana north to southern Missouri pf severe flooding through Sunday. The alert drops Friday Night for all of Louisiana to southern Arkansas. A new ALERT for very heavy, flooding rains goes into effect on Monday and Tuesday.
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    And plenty of erosion as it washes out slopes protected only by dead turf... we won't be getting any gulf moisture up here, just yet... :)

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