some mods i did on my z spray.. post yours!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Nov 27, 2010.

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    It make a very coarse spray. Also, it is recommended to be mounted at 48" and they are a little short of that. I tried them out Saturday and no blow back on me. Yes, they are for fence rows and for some steep ditches too steep to drive on. I will not use them when the boom is adequate. Its just another tool for me to save time. I considered mounting them under the side tanks much lower but still protected, but would not do as good of a job for me. I'll try to post a video of their operation.
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    i get it, nice adaptation!
  3. rcreech

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    Good deal!

    I was just curious as I have never seen anything like that before!

    How wide/high does it spray?
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    I have seen the boomless nozzles used around here by farmers in their hay fields. They were mounted with the tank being pulled by a tractor BEHIND the operator. Yes, the spray was coarse but from a distance fine particles could still be seen drifting and these things sprayed 6-8 ft off the ground. Just the right pressure setting might help reduce that some but I would still be concerned with them mounted that high and in FRONT of me. Because of the possibility of drift, places I would consider using it: Soccer/sportsfield(probably) Fencerows and steep inclines I could drive down the ridgeline and spray out one side (probably,depending on exact situation) Someone home lawn (NEVER) JMO from what I've seen in the past
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    I made them adjustable up or down to change swath width. They spray straight out about 13-14' @ 30psi. I calibrated them to the same as my boom as far as output and speed .25 per 1000. They provided calculations for any adjustments in mounting height or angle adjustments.

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    I like this its a niffty idea Good luck with it

    Charles Cue
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    I don't get it. The hopper is for fert; the sprayer and nozzles are for herbicide.
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    Blower holder works great. No need to go back to the truck to get blower. Pull to end of drive get off blow and go:waving:

    not sure 139.jpg
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    The Dairy you stole that crate from has a warrant out for your arrest for theft of property.:laugh:
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    How many Frisbees will that hold? Or you could carry a cooler so when a competitor waves because you run a Z you could offer him a beer.:laugh:

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