Some of you may be Right!

Chuck Sinclair

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Sacramento, Ca
I don't necessarily agree with some of you guys when it comes to the older folks (As per your replies to my I'm i crazy thread) But i went to do an estimate tonight the elderly lady wanted FULL service weekly here is what she had:
4000 Sq Ft Lawn
1600 Sq Ft Garden area Shrubs out the nose and plants all over. And over grown had not been weeded in a month of Sundays.

So i told her that there was no way i would be close to the last guys (Who just quit coming to do her yard) price even through i did not know what he charged her but i knew it wasn’t enough.
So i told her full service = $130.00 a month, She said but you can come down on your price I’m a little old lady on a fixed income and an oxygen bottle!
I asked what did the last guy charge you she said $70.00 a month. I said and look what you got for it your grass cut and nothing more! Thank you for calling Willow Brooke Landscape and I left.

Sorry for the long post



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Columbus Ga
Just wait she'll call back.and when she does charge for the clean up.Older folks have a way of adjusting it just takes them longer.

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I have had a few estimates like that. Knowadays when an old lady calls and I head over there to (help her out) and find a weed infested yard with junk everywhere I won't even go to the door. I feel bad just leaving but I know once I talk to this old lady I will start to feel bad and will do the work for whatever she can afford, which is OK once in a while to help an old lady in need but I do have bills to pay, and I try not to make a big habbit out of it. Some nice old ladies I will make an acception for, Some Old B!+ch forget it


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Dont you hate customers that are trying to screw you over.The sad thing is most of them have money. I had a guy that we estimated 25 for mowing he thought that was too much. Then he pulls a wad of 20000 of 100 dollar bills figures.


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upstate SC
Good job, It's hard to walk away sometimes but your better for it. If you did the $70.00 you would be wondering all the time what else and how much you could be making in this time slot. plus it gives her a reality check!


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Chuck,I would have the same thing and have.If you do want the client at your price I would cll back in a few days just to "follow-up"


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I don't think any of us were telling you to "give" service away. I just think we should be fair with old people. Around here there is a lot of gouging of seniors because they DO have money. I'm not in business for charity either, but I won't do things that are unethical either. Except maybe to lawyers, they pay double or more.


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Just a thought, in the past, I have bid a job, bid being contingent on a preliminary visit for $xxx to clean up and correct the prior guys mistakes. Once the shrubs are weeded/cleaned out/trimmed its a cakewalk after that.