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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenacresman, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. greenacresman

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    I got a new guy this year i thought it was a good account it was 4 jobs 3 homes an 1 business. well first he would keep putting me off said it did not need mowing yet so monday he gives me the go ahead he tells me the last guy did it for $50.00 each i had looked at one and it looked good. he said the others were about the same but one he said its bigger but very flat. #1 i did took 2hrs- 10 min #2 the flat one took 3hrs .lots of weedeating .i only charged 75.00 for the #1 and 85.00 for the #2 so i took him the bill and he says he cant afford too pay that much that he's going to get a mower an do it him self. so i say ok and he pays me.when i got in the truck i was thinking after he mows them for the first time he will be begging me to mow for him. i gave him a really good deal i thought what are some people thinking. these were every other week mows.
    have any of you guys had this happen.;)
    ps he said the other guy got out of the business. WONDER WHY ???
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Welcome to my area!:laugh: Dealt with it for years and finally realized it would get no better.
  3. topsites

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    This is the unfortunate side to someone who probably has more money than sense, but you need the other kind lol.

    It's got to the point I get nervous when someone calls me with a 'lot of work' anymore (either multiple props or just a ton of stuff at one place)... In my experience, more often than not these folks think that because they have SO much work for us that they can get a 'wholesale' deal (translation: at least 20 percent off but really half price or even less). And, more often than not I either don't get the job due to price, or they complain after it is done (yeah like your guy). It scares me because one day someone doesn't want to pay (and that's the other kind I run into), and then that bs starts.
  4. sheshovel

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    So Quality..your throwing in the towel huh?
    Early retirement?You've known for years you were living in a bad area for the biz..what are you gonna do now?
  5. Turf Dancer

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    Same thing happens here all the time except part of the time they refuse to pay you at all, I had one tell me to sue them that I was a crook for trying to charge them $35 for a lawn that took over an hour and a half, that was 4 years ago. I get stiffed for around $500 a year easy.
  6. Norm Al

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    never assume people are rich anymore!

    enron seemed very rich and was broke for years!

    if a guy is rich he wont be mowing his own lawn,,,,if he is broke, he is doing you a favor,,,,because at some point you wont be getting paid for the work you did,,,,,,just like the people at enron!
  7. greenacresman

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    i did not mention that he has this home on the market for 350k. i thought he wanted to sell this place so i really manicured the lawn.
  8. Toad

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    these were every other week mows.
    I tend to run when I here that mumbojumbo talk.

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