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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SouthSide Cutter, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. SouthSide Cutter

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    Bought a guy out maybe 6yrs ago. Got 12 accounts, Scag TC, Lawnboy self propelled mower, weedeater, blowers and a real nice 7X12 trailer. Didnt want to do it but my son wanted to so we split the cost 5000 apiece. As I expected after about a year my son wanted out. Accounts were in the 600-700 a week. So I bought him out.

    When I quit mowing 2 yrs ago I give my accounts to two people and sold my equipment to another guy, and kept what I needed. Well one guy didnt mow one week and he gave them to someone else and the owners fired them and called me for help so I got the other guy to take them all.

    Well today I was in town mowing my Dads yard and the guy I gave them to stopped to mow one next to my dad which was one I gave him. He wanted to know if I bought this guy out a few yrs ago and I said I did. He called and is going to get back into mowing and WANTS the 12 accounts back for nothing!!!!!!! Said he was going to talk to them all and start mowing them. So I just took some time and go and see all 12. He aint getting nothing back.

    It might be a lesson for some on here to get it in writing or get a contract when buying someone out to keep something like this from happening to you.

    Still cant believe the nerve of this turd.
  2. Sprinkler Buddy

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    Takes all kinds. lol
  3. Holland

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    Nothing surprises me with this 21st century human race.
  4. jsslawncare

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    I bought 15 from a family member and he did the same thing. I lost about 4 of them but ended up getting them back.
  5. RedSox4Life

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    Too many he's, this guy, that guy, other guy.......I have no idea what just happened
  6. JDGlandscape

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    i agree, i had to read that about 5 times but i think i guessed what he meant.. you cant keep saying he or his if youre talking about 4 different guys lol
  7. SouthSide Cutter

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    Ok Dick is the person I bought out and Dick is also the person who wants the yards back. He is also the Turd. Joe and Jersy are the persons who I gave my accounts to. Joe is the person who couldnt handle the work and gave then to Hopper he only got a few. The owners of the yards fired Hopper and then called me for help. So I got ahold of Jersy he is the person who got most of my accounts and he took over these to. The person who bought my equipment is from somewhere in Ill. and I dont know his name. That help.
  8. Will P.C.

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    Sorry mate, I am still having trouble following
  9. OakNut

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    I don't know what happened, but I'm loving the use of the word "turd".

    It's a funny word. Not as funny as "poop", mind you, but funny nonetheless.
  10. zturncutter

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    Laughing my ass off :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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