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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mrusk, Apr 4, 2014.

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    The worst internet comment I've ever read is the one above saying "is the customer happy".

    Ya know.....most customers are happy even when the work is terrible. They don't always know any better to not be happy.

    In business, you do not do something and wait until you get a complaint. That's not how it works. A good business owner will take steps to make sure they don't give the customer an opportunity to complain.

    Is the customer Happy? They usually are.

    Is the contractor providing a legit opportunity to complain? Yes he is. Never leave that door open.
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    Good Lord!!! The pics are great! The wall looks Awesome!!!! Fieldstone walls that high are a PITA. Job site is messy, but the place isn't occupied. Cut the guy some slack. The scope of this job is huge, and IMHO looks good currently, and will without a doubt look the balls at completion. Keep posting pics Rusk, nice work!
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    We cleaned up the jobsite on Saturday and here is a picture to show a clean driveway. Yes the job got messier then it should of. It being a new construction house with no occupant is no excuse. Client never commented on the mess, but they did comment on how much better the work looked with the area clean!

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    Nice product Matt, what goes on the landing, walkway etc. I'm assuming natural stone.
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    Dang rusk, your work looks nice and I know you like seeing it nice and clean also. What's cookin these days on your trucks? We talked about single axles not being enough for this work. Are you subbing any and all trucking or doing it yourself ?

    I think a bluestone cap would have been nice, that limestone looks a little out of place but I think after a few years it would soften up.
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    Zeo- between the steps is irregular blue stone.

    Pic- I would of liked bluestone caps also, but the client wanted something to tie the wall to the house. And the house has a lot of limestone details and accents.

    We couldn't use the house stone on the landscape walls. The house is a full size veneer stone. It comes rough. When I say rough it has to be cut on 4 sides and the face has to be textured. We are using it for the patio walls and I am not looking forward to it.

    I hire out 90% of the trucking. I can call and get as many tandems as I want for $90 a hour. Or the quarry hauls the stone if its only a load or 2. I really don't want to buy a tandem. I even sold my 33k gvw truck since its cheaper to hire. I just have my under cdl international but only pick up a yard or 2 of sand with it and use it for stuff like that.
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    Is that all dry laid?
  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    work looks nice.

    work site looks much much better.

    Funny how people have a way with words - "client said the work looked better with the area cleaned up". That was their polite way of saying "we took notice of the mess". I'm always listening to how my clients word things and interpreting what they're saying.
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    what truck do you haul that excavator with ? ( it looks good size in pic)

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