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Some Pics of Our Latest Project...

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tjsquickcuts, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    Here are a few pics of some areas we are currently contracted to finish up from the previous company....This is a million dollar plus neighborhood, and they were getting crap for landscape on all the homes and even in the common areas....the builder ended the contract because of all the complaints, and it was sort of a case of being in the right place at the right time....he liked our proposal even though we are a bit more then the last guys, but he said he would just pass on the extra cost to the homeowners....and we signed and here we are.....We have our hands full, but will make it happen.....this is a HUGE CONTRACT....we currently service most of the homes that are already bought and have people living in them, and we will service the HOA as well as we are contracted by the builder for the new install....We have our hands full, but we take it a day and a section at a time....We will finish the wall, and add irrigation starting tomorrow. I may have to cut almost my entire tuesday and wednesday mowing schedule, but will see if I can find 4 new maintenance guys by Oct so that I can make sure they are trained correctly for next season. If not, as bad as I hate to, I will be sending out end of service letters letting some folks we wont be renewing their contracts....This will be a 98 home neighborhood, and my plans are the be the exclusive provider of all maintenance for all the homeowners and the HOA....trying to finalize a few details to that proposal, but would be around a 300k yearly contract....Got my fingers crossed.....

    the first pics are what will soon be a little park area and fountain...

    check out the green grass in the 3rd pic.....we have done a great job this year keeping just about all of our lawns nice and green even though we have been in a drought and our temps being the the 100's for about 3 straight weeks....but the last week has been great...rain everyday, and cooler temps....





  2. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    ....More pics

    The last 3 pics will be another area of hard work...will be a soccer and softball field along with another park, putting green and driving range....





  3. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    ...and more...1st pic is where the soccer and softball field will be... 2nd pic will be where the Club house and pool will be.....last two pics will be the putting green and park area.....and as you can see while looking thru the pics, a lot of dead trees....Dumb guys didnt do the irrigation system before planting all the tree....




  4. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    ...and yet a few more....here are some pics of the unfinished wall...There are 3 sections to this neighborhood.....1 section is pretty much finish, was the 1st phase....but as you can see, horrible....




  5. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    ...okay this is it for tonight....posting pics take a lot out of you....

    1st two pics are of the finished section....but as you can see once again, crrraaaapppyyyyy.....

    O'yeah, and in the 3rd pic, is old faithful and our new edition....its used, bought it from another LCO but ready to go....will post more pics once painted and some new editions added....it was a steal also....guy was just happy to see me moving up in the business and told me it was no way I could do this job with out it....going to go look at some lease turn in on some BC T300....




  6. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    Thats my right hand man in the pic also....he is so ready to dig in....I love is motivation....plus he worked for a brickmason co. for 7 years, so this wall is all his....
  7. deere615

    deere615 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,676

    Wow it looks like you have your hands full be sure to show some done pictures!
  8. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
    Messages: 5,407

    How many guys are you going to use to complete that project? How long do you have to complete it? What is the total cost?

    What did you buy??? dump truck?
  9. tjsquickcuts

    tjsquickcuts LawnSite Senior Member
    from Atlanta
    Messages: 943

    Man what a day...just got home from the longest day in my life...lol...we put in a lot of time today on this project....trying to run the irrigation lines, did some grading, and we did a lot of planning on how we are going to tackle this....we did cut all the unsold homes, and the common areas as well....and boy that was not pita either, but the TT made it look easy....thanks, I am still excited about this project....more pics to come tomorrow, to tired to post tonight..
  10. PerfectEarth

    PerfectEarth LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,734

    That place looks like a complete nightmare.

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