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Some pics of what i have

Well these are pics from 2 accounts that i took half way through them. then 1 of my 1st work truck with my lettering on it.





BTM Lawn Maintenance L.L.C

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very nice...I need a trip out of New Jersey !!!!
very nice...I need a trip out of New Jersey !!!!
yeah i got family in jersey Kinnelon, Flemington, Summerville, and i even got a guy that lives in sparta that pays me for a yard down here.lol. i go up there once a year for hunting.
Bronco, full size of course, are hands down my fav truck of all time... nice lettering too
yeah i had to get rid of it because i only had 20 accounts at the time and 6mpg wasnt sittin well with me but it ran like a champ and pulled everything i hooked to it. i got a '99 sierra now with the 5.3
Heres my new truck its a '99 sierra sle/z71 with the 5.3 and true duals and a lot of other things.

looks good. you don't want to go to jersey this time of year yo cold i'll come down by you & get tattooed @ tropical sounds like a good idea.
small world if your talking about the same tropical tattoo thats by me.lol.

Kennedy Landscaping

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El Dorado Kansas
Looks like you got it goin on.
Looks like you got it goin on.
Thanks I still have a long way to get to where i want to be tho im a 1 man show right now and have been since i started about a year ago.