some questions on designing pondless feature

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by andyslawncare, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Here is a picture I took from the bottom of the hill.
    It looks pretty stupid and small the way that I drew in 2 dimensions, but now you have a picture and design plan.

    I might consider making the stream longer with a start next to the upper patio. This would give sound effect to both patios, and would allow for a greater drop.

    Any comments on what you would do here would be helpful.

    001in paint.jpg
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    Yes. Though more correctly it is called a scour pool. It absorbs the kinetic energy of the falling water thus reducing splash. You can also control the pitch of the sound with the depth--deep for a lower sound tone or shallower for a higher pitched sound.

    After seeing the picture, I think that the highest waterfall should be towards the base of the stream. Placing it at the stream head just may be a little too much sound that close to the house, but you can play with it.

    An overhead, aerial, bird's-eye view would sure help in the designing. Do you have Google Earth? You can get an aerial pic of the site from it.

    Looks to be a fun project.

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