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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rvsuper, May 3, 2003.

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    I was on the phone with a local greenkeeper today, and he said he is going to try Primo Maxx with Chelated Iron on his greens. I took this into thought, and seached previous posts about Primo. I have a few questions about this:

    1. If I cut my greens and tee's every day, how much would my mowing time be reduced?

    2. Is there significant clipping reduction?

    3. What's the average cost for a gallon of Primo?

    Last one....If I do put Primo down, what brand of chelated iron do you reccomend to applicate with it to enhance the color and thicken it up?

  2. #3 $425 a gallon + the iron Feromec AC

    #2 YES

    #1 no answer.

    #4 I put with #3

    I think 1 gallon will do 177M
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    The use of Primo on putting greens is not to reduce mowing time but to encourage lateral tillering and increased turf density.This is extremely well documented yet extremely costly.
    The easiest and most cost effective way to increase green's health and decrease mowing time is to mow on only three days a week and roll on three days per week and do nothing on the seventh day. Encorporate a bit of topdressing in there and you can:
    1 - raise height of cut
    2 - increase ball roll distance (what golfers erroneously refer to as speed)
    3 - increase overall health of putting green.

    Now, on tees - if they are Agrostis based then sure, use Primo. I wouldn't cut tees more than 3X weekly anyways so reducing clippings yield wasn't that important as I have always captured clippings.
    You know, I should of asked this first - sorry - What type/height of cut equipment are you using? What is the prevailent turf type? What amount of rounds does the course experience?Budgetary considerations?
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    I don't know what kind of turf you have down there, but the greens here require cutting just about every day. Tees, maybe every other. I have to Toro greens mowers, one for greens, one for collar and tees.(collars are mown at the same height as tees) I just topdressed on Saturday, so I have to wait two weeks before I put Primo down. Prevalent turf, L-93 Bent, some creeping. Budget here right now is quite tight, but from what I calculated, I may only need 1-2 gallons per app? It's a 9 hole course.

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    The turf grown in Texas has nothing to do with what I have explained to you.
    My suggestion is borne from over thirteen years building, maintaining and developing golf courses in the US and Asia.
    I was one of the first superintendents to grow-in L-93 in the north east US.
    Also, prior to dismissing my suggestions, check with Penn State. The data to support my suggestion is available there.
    Additionally, L-93 is creeping bentgrass or did you mean to mention colonial bentgrass?

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