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    Hey guys,

    here are some questions...
    1)What is the best way to contact property managers of schools, apartments, townhouses, and commerical business?
    2)What are effective ways to get property managers and customers to switch to your service when they've had the same company for say three or four years?
    3) Direct mail question... I know this must have been asked before but how effective is direct mail? How many people actually read sales letters, brochures and postcards???

    Thanks for your time and replies!
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    As for the schools go to school board meetings just to get to know names. If school has a website this will help too. Schools are always looking to save cash but often have employee union/associations to deal with. They also often times get price breaks on stuff not available to general public. Some schools even have a bid section to there websites now. Getting to know who th eboard is and how different admin. officials communicate will help you to work your way in. Good luck.
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    If you know who you want to target. All you have to do is send them a letter asking to be put on their bid list. If they a except bids then they will send you the info for bidding. It's that easy, they want as many bids as they can get. That is the whole purpose of having bids.

    The property managers that I have dealt with in the past always went with the low bid. I'm not sure if you would want these kind of clients. If you do land a job with them then don't plan on it being there next year.

    Direct mail is usually quoted at 1-2% return on calls. It really depend on the direct mail piece. If you have a great direct mail ad then you can reach higher numbers. Same goes for a bad ad, you might get lower number of callers.

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